Love is Blind reunion recap: Netflix catches up with couples after more than a year

Love is Blind reunion
Couples catch up after a year at the Love is Blind reunion. Pic credit: Netflix

On March 5, Love is Blind launched its reunion special, bringing an end to Netflix’s exciting experiment in blind dating.

More than a year has passed since the pod pairs walked the wedding aisle to declare “I do” or “I don’t.” When Nick and Vanessa Lachey caught up with the original couples, each had progressed in different ways from when we last saw them.

Reunion Kicks Off with Drama

To kick off the reunion special, the couples took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about good times and laughing about misfires in the pods.

When the Lacheys touched on Barnett’s triangle of love, he gleefully shrugged it off, declaring that he wouldn’t change anything as each woman in the pods helped him open up and show his emotions.

At the same time, this love spark ignited something in Amber, who was rightfully irritated after seeing the conversations between Jessica and Barnett play out on the screen. It wasn’t long before she called out Jessica for her deceitful behavior during their tropical vacation.

“To see her throwing herself at [Barnett] in Mexico, b*** you’re fake,” spouted an angry Amber.

Jessica remained calm and silent, appearing ashamed for her actions. When prompted by Vanessa, Jessica admitted she was trying to keep herself open to everyone, but did apologize to Amber and Barnett and wished them well.

Amber chocked down the apology, “I accept the intent behind the apology, but I can’t be fully there yet.”

Diamond and Carlton Shine Bright

When we last saw them in Mexico, Diamond and Carlton were shouting profanities at one another, seemingly never to be heard from again.

During the reunion, both were still picking up the pieces from their fight. “Keyboard warriors,” as Vanessa described them, had been hitting both with negative comments and even death threats. Understandably, this trauma had taken its toll on them.

When a clip flashbacked to Carlton’s proposal to Diamond, it left both in tears.

“I get emotional [seeing that]; to hear those words I’d been wanting that a long time,” Diamond said.

“No one will fully understand what was going on in my head at the moment,” Carlton echoed. “That day was the happiest of my life; I’m actively trying to top it, so I can move to the next chapter of my life.”

The duo discussed the things they would go back and change about that moment, with Diamond wishing she had been more comforting and understanding, and Carlton wishing he had kept his cool.

As uncomfortable as both were when they agreed to be in the reunion, Carlton wanted to create something beautiful that they could remember from the experience.

He shocked everyone when he dropped to one knee in front of his lost love. Nevertheless, the only thing he proposed was that Diamond take back her diamond as a symbol of their newfound friendship. Finally, both emotionally apologized and hugged it out.

Rekindled Romance

As Giannina and Damian watched their courtship in flashback clips, emotions overtook the once gruesome twosome.

Addressing their initial breakup and breakdown, Giannina said, “Looking back, I respect his decision; I feel like where we are now is so right for us.”

Viewing the dramatics of their wedding day, Damian also teared up. “[It was the] hardest decision I ever made in my life, but I would stick by it again because of where we are now.”

It appeared both had matured in their shared love, and are continuing the journey together.

We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together

Though they sat next to each other, Kenny and Kelly appeared to be worlds apart when looking back at their budding romance.

Kenny discussed the takeaways he gained from the show that he has been able to bring into his new relationship, including vulnerability.

“That is why I’m supposed to be here, to hopefully impact others and help them feel supported in times of fear, in times of doubt,” said a diplomatic Kenny.

As he has moved on after being jilted by Kelly, she appeared to be back on the market.

“Watching the show back has brought up every emotion,” said Kelly. “I have friend-zoned a lot of those great guys in my life.”

Meanwhile, Mark and Jessica, who never could seem to be on the same page, had both grown emotionally albeit separately.

Jessica looked down while a flashback clip played of her prepping for her big day.

“I looked down because I’ve seen it all, and I don’t need to see it again,” Jessica said.

She acknowledged that she was still working through some things during that time, and now understood that she needs a relationship that starts with friendship and progresses slowly.

The always positive Mark maintained that he and Jessica were just two people “trying to figure it out.” Overall, he stayed upbeat about his experience, stating he had learned values and become a better man after being on the show, while also still thinking very highly of Jessica.

Married Couples Going Strong

In the last part of the episode, the hosts caught up with those that took the ultimate plunge in the finale.

Amber and Barnett admitted being husband and wife has been “a wild ride.” The partying pair revealed they had gone through some trials and tribulations during their honeymoon phase, but were working toward understanding one another better.

“I’m really excited that we found each other and have grown together over the last year,” Barnett said.

Amber disclosed that her unemployment had put a strain on their relationship, and both had butted heads, but that they were improving their expectations and figuring out how to handle one another.

Conversely, American’s sweethearts, Cameron and Lauren, seemed to still be living marital bliss. They gushed over their feelings for one another and celebrated bringing a new furbaby, Sparks, into the family.

Though they started out coming from different worlds, both had been able to flourish in their relationship, exploring things they had never tried before.

“I had never introduced my father to a boyfriend, and it was a big deal to introduce Cameron as my fiancé,” Lauren said.

Now, the two love nothing more than time spent with family, having recently hosted Thanksgiving with both of their families and enjoying watching their parents bond.

Even the Lacheys got emotional, with Vanessa affirming that with the perfect pair bringing their families together and accepting one another, “you can truly say love is blind.”

The Love is Blind reunion special is now airing on Netflix and the Netflix YouTube channel.

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