Love is Blind: Lauren and Cameron are still together, and we need this to work (Opinion)

Cameron and Lauren
Cameron and Lauren are still together and we need them to work out. Pic credit: Lauren Speed/Instagram


Like many of you out there, I binged the Love is Blind dating series on Netflix this past weekend in my mystery flu haze.

What it made me think about — and even more importantly — who to root for in this sea of messiness, was Lauren and Cameron.

The couple I was in on from the beginning and believing was the unlikely yet likely perfect match was interracial couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Reid Hamilton. They just worked from the get-go.

These two have just got to work in the long run too, or I will throw in the towel early on a series that threw more curveballs than Nolan Ryan.

Let us discuss the situation

Let’s get into it, shall we? No holds barred Daddy Speed honest about the whole deal.

Two days ago, Lauren Speed posted a photo of the couple in an embrace by signage from a party.

That’s really great news. It means so far so good in a whirlwind romance that had the scientist from Maine use his analytical skills to sort the wheat from the chaff and pick Lauren, who, in retrospect, was one of the better women overall to select.

Why is that, you say?

Okay. Be real. Amber, the tank girl, needs a job, therapy, and did I mention therapy?

Jessica needs to find someone her own age and who is her equal in the financial realm as well, being 34 years old and a homeowner with a six-figure job means she needs a dude who is at least on her page.

Giannina of “Gi” is a dangerous attention-seeking child-woman who also needs some chit-chat time with Amber’s therapist, and Kelly, omg did Kelly admit to not orgasming ON TV where her whole family and circle of friends can hear?

She needs help, and her obvious lack of not being into her man she agreed to marry meant the whitest couple on the block nosedived like a kamikaze jet, flames a-spewing.

All the happy roads lead to this:

What is Love is Blind anyway?

On Feb. 13, Netflix dropped the first five-episode installment of Love Is Blind with the subsequent ones on its heels on Feb. 20. It is truly an incredible new dating show where singles fall in love and get engaged without ever seeing each other — no crazy artifice except copious amounts of alcohol served up and a timeline for the progression that is brutal.

An experiment sans rose gimmicks (The Bachelor) where it is winnowed to six couples getting engaged on Love Is Blind. These people head to Mexico (they eventually all meet each other) to spend time with each other in person.

In the second set of episodes, reality sinks in as the couples moved into new apartments all in the same building, and in the process checked out each other’s homes, and met families and friends.

Oh, you have how much student loan debt? Oh, you have roommates? Oh, you have a Mexican mom who looks like she performs hits for the cartels as a side gig? How interesting…

In the finale, which dropped on Feb. 27, the couples had their wedding ceremonies, and as you may have predicted, Jessica could not with her 24-year-old Mexican-American fitness dude who is a dead ringer for Psycho from Stripes the movie.

And Venezuelan-by-way-of-Miami spitfire “business owner” Giannina was dumped at the altar by the what turned out to be the coldest meanest/closeted gayest looking man of the bunch, this guy:

Yeah. She dodged a huge ginger bullet.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind did give us one couple we could dine on, that showed race, and looks, and all of that can be brushed aside as people expose their true hands and hearts.

And the fact that Lauren Speed knew right away EXACTLY who Barnett was (frat boy dude) and based on stupid things like what he wrote here on an Instagram post:

She and Cameron proved to be the most intelligent of the lot, which goes to show you that you have to be on the same page intellectually with your partner, or it simply won’t gel.

Contempt builds otherwise.

The fact that Daddy Speed showed up for Lauren and Cameron’s wedding was also a huge deal. I guarantee you if he had not, Lauren would likely have cold feet by now. She and her dad are a tribe of two, he adores her and likewise.

Mr. Speed was able to get past his bias and see Cameron was in love with his daughter and that he made her happy, so he got out of the way.

Did you notice Jessica did not have her mom — who she admitted to calling daily — there for her ceremony?

Time will shake it all out but until this boomerang never going away flu is behind me, let my immune system dine on lovely Lauren and Cameron.

It gives me hope that in the larger picture as well as the small Netflix TV window, we Americans can all come together, all races and sorts, and collectively heal as a nation.

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