Love Is Blind fans troll Chelsea for claiming she looks like Megan Fox

Chelsea from LIB Season 6.
Chelsea is a Love Is Blind Season 6 contestant. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind is entertaining to binge-watch because contestants are set up to fall in love with each other without seeing each other’s faces.

The rules of this show are simple: Use your personality to win over your future partner.

Since the contestants must communicate with each other inside mystery pods, there’s no way they can coast on their good looks.

It’s also impossible for contestants to get rejected based on a lack of attraction if they aren’t conventionally attractive.

Conversations about what you look like aren’t supposed to happen on this particular dating show for these reasons.

Still, Chelsea from Season 6 has caught some backlash for comparing her appearance to a very famous celebrity… Megan Fox.

Chelsea’s Megan Fox comparison

Several Reddit threads have been launched to discuss Chelsea‘s conversation with Jimmy in the pods.

She claimed that she has been compared to Megan Fox in the past when she’s out and about in public.

To her credit, she also said the comparison isn’t something she notices herself.

The fact that she brought it up at all is what has social media users in an uproar, though.

One Redditor wrote, “Screaming, crying, throwing up. In what world does she look like Megan Fox!?!?”

Someone else added, “Looks absolutely nothing like her lol the delulu is crZy hahahaha.”

A third fan of Love Is Blind joined the Reddit thread to say, “Chelsea is lame for two reasons. One: absolutely NO ONE refers to Megan Fox as MGK’s wife or girlfriend. Girl, stop, you know who tf Megan Fox is lmfao.”

“And two: she knew exactly what she was doing and misled that dumb man. She was the one who brought the topic up in the first place,” the LIB fan continued.

As a reminder, Chelsea didn’t outright say she’s been compared to Megan Fox. She said she’s been compared to Machine Gun Kelly’s wife – who also happens to be Megan Fox.

Social media drags Chelsea from LIB.
Redditors rant about Chelsea. Pic credit: Reddit

Some Love Is Blind fans can see the resemblance

Although plenty of people are dragging Chelsea for trying to draw such a dramatic celebrity comparison, some fans actually see some similarities.

They are jumping to Chelsea‘s defense to say they can understand why Chelsea might think she resembles the Jennifer’s Body actress due to her blue eyes and dark hair.

Ultimately, it’s safe to assume Chelsea‘s conversation with Jimmy about this topic is what impacted the results of his final decision when he had to choose between her and Jessica.

Love Is Blind Season 6 episodes debut on Wednesdays on Netflix.

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