Jimmy and Jessica’s breakup has Love Is Blind fans divided

Jessica and Jimmy's breakup causes online drama.
Jessica and Jimmy’s split causes drama online. Pic credit: Netflix

It’s not exactly shocking when love triangles pop up on a reality TV dating show like Love Is Blind.

Love triangles are simply part of the territory since so many singles are dating each other at the same time.

The only difference with these love triangles is that they can’t put eyes on each other until final decisions are made.

The love triangle between Jimmy, Jessica, and Chelsea has fans of the show divided.

People are chatting about how Jimmy and Jessica’s love story ended on social media.

While some people are happy the connection didn’t work out, others are hugely disappointed.

Some fans adore Jessica from Love Is Blind

Since plenty of Love Is Blind fans are super supportive of Jessica, they were unhappy to see her relationship with Jimmy fall apart.

As a reminder, after Jimmy broke things off, Jessica gave him a piece of her mind – with brutal honesty and confidence.

Below are some things that Love Is Blind fans have had to say about the situation.

One Redditor wrote, “Jessica’s speech to Jimmy was epic. I’m sorry but she’s a QUEEN and I’m so glad she didn’t end up with that dweeb.”

Another added, “… the real reason he didn’t choose Jess was his unease of becoming an instant stepdad. It’s a totally valid reason but he definitely went about it wrong and strung Jess on for too long which says a lot about him as a person.”

A third user joined the conversation to write, “when Jessica said ‘when you see what you missed out on you’re going to choke, you’re going to need your epipen because you’re gonna be in disbelief what you missed out on’ girl you didn’t have to go so hard LOL. real though he definitely will, i think Jessica is absolutely beautiful. Chelsea gives me disingenuous vibes.”

Redditors discuss Jimmy and Jessica's split.
Redditors are divided over Jessica. Pic credit: Reddit

Some social media users aren’t on Jessica‘s side

When it comes to the breakup between Jimmy and Jessica, some fans of the show aren’t taking Jessica‘s side.

One person described her as being fake since they didn’t believe the tears she shed were genuine.

They described their frustration with Jessica because she didn’t pursue connections with anyone other than Jimmy.

Instead of blaming Jimmy for choosing Chelsea, some fans agree that Jessica should have kept her options open rather than putting all her eggs in one basket.

New episodes of Love Is Blind air on Netflix on Wednesdays.

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