Love Is Blind fans label Matthew a ‘love bomber’ after drama with AD and Amber

Matthew stars on Love is Blind.
Matthew is getting dragged by Love Is Blind fans. Pic credit: Netflix

Matthew is a Love Is Blind Season 6 contestant who didn’t end up engaged to anyone in the pods.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. He certainly exhausted all efforts to end up with a wife along the way.

Matthew got caught up in a messy love triangle with AD and Amber.

He told both women the same things to woo them and hoped they wouldn’t find out the truth.

Drama exploded when AD and Amber compared notes about Matthew in the women’s quarters.

Now, social media users are collectively accusing Matthew of love bombing and manipulation.

Love Is Blind fans are dragging Matthew

A Reddit thread has been launched to discuss everything between Matthew, Amber, and AD.

The person who launched the thread wrote in to say they wished AD and Matthew had worked out.

From their perspective, he ruined his chances by stringing Amber at the same time.

Someone responded in the thread with, “I kind of liked them as well but he seemed to love bomb a lot. I find that icky lol.”

Another fan added, “Matthew is a manipulator. My cousin (male) once told me that men use therapy and going to therapy to lure girls in because most girls are attracted to men who are ‘doing the work’ lol.

“That’s all I could think when he mentioned his SUPER new therapist lol. I don’t find him to be pretentious or insecure. He is honestly either a plant or a huge manipulator.”

A third Redditor joined the conversation to say, “He gives me major manipulation vibes especially when you combine what we see with what his job is and the fact that he said his own therapist did not think this show would be a good fit for him. Alarm bells are screaming in my head. ICK.”

LIB fans open up about Matthew on Reddit.
Redditors vent about Matthew. Pic credit: Reddit

Did AD and Amber both dodge a bullet?

Amber decided to part ways with Love Is Blind Season 6 early. She didn’t take time to explore romantic connections with other contestants in the pods.

She decided it was time to dip after feeling heartbroken over the situation with Matthew.

AD chose to pursue her connection with Clay, even though plenty of Love Is Blind fans believe Clay has a few red flags of his own to address.

When the next batch of episodes lands on Netflix, viewers will be able to see how Matthew reacts after meeting Amber and AD face-to-face.

Love Is Blind debuts new episodes Wednesday on Netflix.

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