Love in Paradise: The Caribbean recap: Never have I ever

Daniel, Martine, and Mark
The Love in Paradise couples were trying hard to get the answers they seek in the latest episode. Pic credit: TLC

As the Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story couples tried to get answers from each other about their true feelings and intentions it led to difficult discussions and hurt feelings.

These four Americans that fell in love on vacation are struggling to determine if their relationships have what it takes to move past long distance and be able to come closer together.

The Love in Paradise couples need to make compromises to make their relationships work

Aryanna and Sherlon went to see an immigration lawyer about their visa options. Sherlon voiced his concerns about not wanting the K-1 fiance visa and that he would be much more comfortable doing a six-month tourist visa.

While Aryanna was upset because she feels like she would have more security if they got married, she tried to understand and accept where he was coming from.

Mark and Key met up with Key’s friend for dinner and Key ended up venting to her friend about the ultimatum that Mark gave her. Mark, who doesn’t speak Spanish, was lost in the conversation but could tell it wasn’t good.

Key went on to explain to him the next day that he is being selfish and forcing her to change and make big life decisions while he won’t even learn Spanish for her.

Key, mark, and Key's friend
Key’s friend was not impressed by Mark and didn’t like that he gave Key an ultimatum about moving to California. Pic credit: TLC

Major trust issues are standing in the way for some Love in Paradise couples

Martine found a text on Steven’s phone asking him if he was awake late at night. She kept that information to herself because they were going to hang out with his friends the next day and she didn’t want to cause problems.

She ended up causing problems, however, because she prompted his friends to play the drinking game, “Never Have I Ever” and Steven’s friend brought up cheating, which Steven had done to Martine in the past. She got really angry by the question and Steven’s guilty response and she ended up causing a bit of a scene.

Later, in their hotel room, Martine confronted Steven about the message on his phone and he got angry that she didn’t trust him. They got in a pretty heated argument before Martine ended it by saying she didn’t know what she wants.

Martine, Steven, and Steven's friends
Martine caused problems in front of Steven’s friend after playing a game that instigate her trust issues. Pic credit: TLC

Amber went to Daniel’s neighbor’s house, who she knew from previous trips, to talk to them about her relationship and frustrations. They told her Daniel is very in love with her, has not been seeing other women, and that she needs to accept that he needs a lot of help.

Daniel spoke with his brother about disliking Amber’s jealous behavior from the night before. He said that if Amber can’t control her temper and accept Daniel for trying his best then it is not going to work.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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