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Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman gives advice on surviving lockdown

Tracie from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup has made a video to give viewers some hope during the national crisis. Even though many people are on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the reality star is hopeful.

From ideas to pass the time to inspirational talk, Tracie from Love After Lockup has viewers covered. She has quickly become a fan favorite and watching her life unfold over the last two years has kept them entertained on numerous Friday nights.

What does Tracie from Love After Lockup say?

In her video, Tracie from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup acknowledges the quarantine many people are under right now. She is no stranger to being locked up — something that she mentions in the video.

Drawing helped Tracie to pass the time while she was incarcerated. She was behind bars for a total of six and a half years. Tracie reveals that she was stuck in a room for a month at a time sometimes, which likely means she was in solitary confinement. Aside from drawing, reading is also an option she mentioned.

“This too shall pass” are some words of wisdom that Tracie from Love After Lockup mentioned at least twice. She lived this lockdown life while behind bars, so she is coming from a place of knowing. While this isn’t the same as being in a room with limited options, having been through something similar has prepared her for the here and now.

Tracie Wagaman in a Life After Lockup confessional.
Tracie is giving Love After Lockup fans advice on how to survive the lockdown. Pic credit: WEtv

What is Tracie from Love After Lockup up to now?

From the looks of the video, Tracie from Love After Lockup appears to be doing well. She looked healthy and put together — something that has viewers hopeful for a new leaf turned in her life.

When Life After Lockup ended last week, it was revealed that Tracie did end up leaving rehab, but later returned and completed a 45-day program. That was a big step for her, especially after watching her battle her demons on reality television.

It wasn’t specified where Tracie from Love After Lockup was in the video, but it didn’t look like it was filmed in the home she shares with Clint. The two have been up and down throughout their marriage, so it isn’t shocking to see her film from another place.

Even though it is a stressful time for the country right now, Tracie is spreading a little love and light about how to get through the lockdown.

Love After Lockup is expected to return this summer.

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  1. Tracie is FAR from being a “fan favorite”; you should see how we talk about her in the groups that follow the show! Nobody wants advice from her about ANYTHING! We’d all love to see her back in prison and Clint can go there with her, for all we care.


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