Love After Lockup exclusive: John gets bad news about Kristianna

John talking to Terra on Love After Lockup.
John wants to go find Kristianna on Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple John and Kristianna are going to hit a rough patch.

During a visit with her mom and sister, John gets a call from the halfway house where she had been staying. She is no longer a resident there, and he has 30 days to get Kristianna’s belongings.

What happened to Kristianna on Love After Lockup?

While John is visiting Kristianna’s mom and sister, he learns that Kristianna ran from the halfway house. This will be his first experience with her addiction, but the women in her life know all about it.

He wants Terra to go with him to Dubuque to look for her. The mom warns against that, especially because John has no idea what it will entail and the risks it will pose to her other daughter.

Addiction issues have plagued both Kristianna and her sister. If she goes along with John, there is a chance she could relapse while looking through the drug houses for her sister. It is a risk they just can’t take.

Remember, she just begged her husband to help her sister on a recent episode of Love After Lockup. Kristianna was in trouble for being caught with John while she was supposed to be job hunting but instead had just sat down for lunch.

Will John find Kristianna?

In the exclusive Love After Lockup clip, John is insistent that he leaves to go look for Kristianna. Terra doesn’t want to chance going with him, especially with the risk that she may relapse as well.

Previews for Love After Lockup show that John does actually leave to look for his wife. While the outcome remains unclear, it looked like he may have found her. His life is about to get increasingly more complicated as he has to face the issues with his new wife head-on.

What happens between Kristianna and John remains to be seen. There are only a few Love After Lockup episodes left, and it looks like things may go downhill for the couple.

If Kristianna is back using and in the throes of her addiction, anything could happen. For now, John believes he can save her. Will his attempts to find his wife be successful? Will he be able to save Kristianna from herself?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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