Loren Brovarnik reveals new baby’s name and shares more photos

Alexei and Loren Brovarnik reveal the name of their son.
90 Day Fiance stars Alexei and Loren Brovarnik are over the moon about their new son. Pic credit: @LorenBrovarnik/Instagram

Alexei and Loren Brovarnik have revealed the name of their new baby boy. It has a special meaning to the proud parents.

Loren is also sharing more photos of her son, and fans really love to see the adorable little guy. She has not been shy about including 90 Day Fiancé fans in on her pregnancy journey and it looks like we’ll get to see Baby Brovarnik as he grows too.

Now it appears Loren is going share her motherhood journey with fans.

Loren reveals new baby’s name

One week after the birth of their first child, Loren has used Instagram to announce his moniker. Alexei and Loren had revealed all other details regarding their son’s birth, except his name.

Loren shared a new family photo, to introduce their new son Shai Josef Brovarnik. She clarified, in her post that Shai is pronounced “shy” and it means “gift.” The boy’s middle name means “may he add, God shall add,” according to Baby Name World.

Shai Josef was a hit with Loren’s followers. Her post was immediately flooded with comments praising the name and once again congratulating the couples on becoming parents.

Alexei and Loren have a lot to celebrate

Welcoming baby Shai into their family is icing on the cake for Alexei and Loren. They met in 2013 during Loren’s birthright trip. Two years later, they wed in the United States and then had a wedding in Israel the following year.

Along with becoming first-time parents this year, Loren and Alexei are also celebrated his becoming a U.S. citizen in January. The timing was perfect for the couple, who could then welcome their son without the cloud of Alexei’s citizenship hanging over them.

“We just had Alex’s citizenship interview, and he passed it. After years of applications, waiting, hard work, and patience, @alex_brovarnik got approved to be a U.S. citizen,” Loren shared via an Instagram Story.

There is no doubt the year has been full of joy for Loren and Alexei. Baby Shai was born a month early. His arrival was a true blessing but also scary since he was early. Thankfully Shai is just fine and is safe at home with his adoring parents.

Loren Brovarnik has announced the name of her first child as she celebrates one week of being a mother. She and her husband Alexei have chosen Shai Josef as their son’s moniker, and fans love it.

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3 years ago

Congratulations, Loren & Alexei! Shai is so cute!

3 years ago

Such a cutie!! Shai Josef is such a beautiful name, and just perfect! So happy for you folks, you are so blessed!

3 years ago

I love you two I watch you on pillow talk your my favorite couple congratulations on your son stay safe from this virus ??♥️??♥️

Linda kern
Linda kern
3 years ago

Beautiful family wish u luck and happiness Your son is so adorable.Love u guys stay on pillow talk. Watching all the time.Love and hugs