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Little Women Atlanta exclusive: Are the Tiny Twinz done?

Little Women: Atlanta is finally returning and it looks like we won’t be short on drama this season as the Tiny Twinz try to make it big but not necessarily as a team.

In fact, it has been revealed that, during the LWATL kickoff special, we’ll learn which twin wants to keep working as a duo and which one of them seems to think she’d be better off on her own.

While speaking with Little Women: LA star Terra Jole ahead of the Season 6 LWATL premiere, it was revealed that one of the Tiny Twinz might be ready to head out as a solo artist, which would be devastating to her sister.

The Tiny Twinz don’t see eye to eye

This should be an exciting time for the Tiny Twinz, whose show is finally returning after a year and a half. But in Monsters & Critics’ exclusive sneak peek for the preseason kickoff, there were way more tears than smiles.

That’s because after Terra Jole asked Amanda and Andrea if they were still pursuing a rap career, Amanda revealed that they were — but then dropped a huge bomb.

“To be honest, I wanna do things by myself,” she said, to her sister’s complete and utter shock.

“So is this the end of the Tiny Twinz?” Terra asked.

“You know, to be honest…I’m gonna be straight up,” she began. “This is how I am, like, feeling. Nothing against you or anything, it’s just… I have to do something for myself.”

Terra looked stunned and asked, “Hearing that your twin wants her separate life, how does that make you feel?”

As Andrea broke down in tears, she said, “It kinda hurts me cuz, you know, I feel like I want to stick with my sister. I feel like it’s just us, it’s the Tiny Twinz.”

According to Andrea, a lot of things have changed since Amanda got married and it looks like this duo’s rap career might be the next casualty as Amanda moves on with her life and farther away from the tight bond that these two sisters have always had.

Amanda and Andrea Salinas, better known as the Tiny Twinz, on Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea and Amanda may not be working together as the Tiny Twinz if one of them has her way. Pic credit: Lifetime

What to expect when Little Women: Atlanta returns

As we’ve seen in previous seasons, the Little Women: Atlanta cast is working hard to further their careers in the music business. The cast will include the late Ashley “Minnie” Ross, Ms. Juicy, Abira, The Tiny Twinz — Amanda and Andrea — as well as the return of Monie.

The show will also pay tribute to Minnie, who tragically passed away in 2020 after getting into a bad car accident.

Viewers will get to see some of Minnie’s last days as she talked about a new relationship she was in prior to her death. Then, after news of her passing, we’ll see the Little Women: Atlanta cast mourn her loss and come together as they realize that life is way too short for some of the pettiness that they are known so well for.

It’s going to be a tough season for longtime Little Women: Atlanta fans to watch and we’ll all miss Minnie’s larger than life presence on the Lifetime series.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 6 premieres on Friday, January 29 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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