Lisa Barlow responds to backlash from RHOSLC fans, says ‘I am not gonna be a production puppet’

Lisa Barlow shuts down haters who judge her personality.
Lisa Barlow shuts down haters who judge her personality. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow shuts down the haters who think she’s too mean on the show.

Lisa has received backlash from viewers for her bluntness and has been dubbed by fans as the “mean girl” of the season.

A Real Housewives fan page uploaded a video of Lisa venting on Instagram Live as she gets her makeup done and she had a lot to say in response to RHOSLC viewer criticism.

Lisa shuts down the haters

Lisa starts by saying she does not allow herself to be persuaded my production or anyone who tries to tell her to tone it down.

“I could not do what I do if I did not have a backbone. I am not going to be a production puppet. I say what I think. I say what I mean. Nobody tells me what to say,” Lisa states.

She also addresses some of the backlash she has gotten for how she talks to her other RHOSLC costars.

“I get so sick of all these people saying, ‘You’re so mean to Whitney and Heather.’ Listen they’ve got f**king bite too, and, like, they can come for me all they want,” Lisa expresses. “Just because someone says something, does not make it true.”

She then calls out her haters saying, “If you wanna go on my page and hate me, do it with your real face. Like, have literally the guts to show your face.”

“I am 100% myself,” she adds. “I don’t need someone to tell me what to think, feel.”

Fans flooded the comments section of her IG Live with praise and support.

Lisa defends her choices on the show

Lisa has made plenty of bold moves during her time on RHOSLC. She explains that while she has received some backlash, she still stands by some of her more controversial moves.

Lisa had gone to the girls’ trip in Las Vegas before the rest of the women for work-related matters.

Whitney Rose was disappointed because Lisa hadn’t told her personally since she was the one arranging the trip. She didn’t know whether Lisa was coming or not until Lisa had contacted Meredith Marks.

Whitney thought it was intentional after the fight at Jen Shah’s husband Sharrieff’s surprise party but Lisa maintains that it was strictly business and won’t apologize for prioritizing work.

She also addresses how viewers have called her out for “mocking Whitney on the pole.”

Lisa claims that she wasn’t mocking Whitney but merely commenting on it. She notes that Whitney has interacted with stripper poles multiple times on the show and believes that if something comes up on the show, it is fair game for discussion.

Are you Team Lisa or Team Whitney?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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