Lindy responds to ‘hurtful’ MAFS critic who suggests she’s autistic

MAFS star Lindy Elloway screenshot
Lindy Elloway responds to a hurtful comment. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindy Elloway is used to getting supportive comments on social media, but there’s always a troll in the mix and they just took aim at the Married at First Sight star.

Season 15 recently hit Netflix, so the cast is being bombarded by comments from new fans.

The MAFS alum shared a “hurtful” comment she received from a viewer who claimed Lindy might be autistic and told her to get tested.

She posted a screenshot of the DM and her response to the social media user whose identity she kept private.

Meanwhile, Lindy isn’t the only cast member getting dragged online by Netflix viewers.

Alexis Williams warned the trolls several days ago after learning Season 15 was about to hit the streaming platform.

Lindy’s ex-husband Miguel Santiago was also bracing for the backlash over his behavior on the show, and he had every right to be nervous.

Miguel recently clapped back at a troll after getting a racist comment in his DM, and now it’s Lindy’s turn to clap back.

Lindy Elloway shares a hurtful comment from an MAFS viewer

Lindy posted a screenshot of a DM she received from a new MAFS viewer, who was quick to diagnose her with a disorder after watching the show.

“Hey. I’m sure you have gotten a lot of messages since you did the show,” wrote the Instagram user, ”I just finished watching it. I was recently diagnosed as autistic (I’m 31). I really recommend you get tested. It may help.”

At first, Lindy laughed at the comment, noting that she usually gets comments accusing her of being ADHD.

“This is a new one lmao,” she added.

The MAFS alum also reminded fans of the show that everything they see on TV is “soooo edited and it’s soooo far from reality.”

“Stop trying to diagnose people on ‘reality’ tv show and understand it’s all created for entertainment! It’s really hurtful,” said Lindy. “A scene could take hours to film so of course I get distracted.”

Lindy Elloway Instagram Story
Lindy Elloway’s DM. Pic credit: @lively. lindy/Instagram

Lindy is missing her MAFS Season 15 besties

While Lindy doesn’t miss the criticism from being on TV, she’s missing the best friends she made from being on the show.

She formed a tight bond with Alexis Williams, Krysten Collins, and Stacia Karcher and in 2023 they jetted off to Bali for an epic girls’ trip.

Lindy recently shared throwback snaps from their getaway to Bali.

The travel-loving foursome also hit the streets of Mexico for a Singles at Last Sight getaway earlier this year.

“Been dreaming of Bali a lot, can’t believe I was there a year ago. Time sure is flying by. #shetravel #explore #bali,” she captioned the Instagram post.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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