MAFS alum Alexis Williams has a warning for the trolls as Season 15 hits Netflix

MAFS alum Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams has a message for the trolls. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 15 is now on Netflix, which means the cast better buckle up for the onslaught of nasty comments coming their way.

Alexis Williams is getting ready for the trolls, but she wants them to know that she won’t stand for the nonsense.

In a video posted online, the MAFS star issued a warning and told the critics “You can’t troll a troll,” and if you don’t believe it, she has proof.

She included screenshots in the video of her viscous clapbacks as a friendly reminder not to mess with her.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping that Alexis’ costars are ready for the harsh criticism that will come from all the new fans who are about to watch Season 15 for the first time.

Miguel Santiago has already caught wind of Netflix’s MAFS addition, and he’s already preparing himself for the onslaught of negative comments, that is sure to come.

Alexis Williams has a message for the trolls

Alexis issued a friendly reminder to people who are about to Netflix and chill with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy Season 15.

Before you think about going on her page and posting hateful comments, just know that she’ll clap back.

In her recent Instagram video, the MAFS star exclaimed, “This is not a safe space for you guys to think you can say whatever you want to me and not get a response.”

“I’m the biggest troll. You can’t troll a troll,” exclaimed Alexis as the clip cut to screenshots of her responding to trolls online.

One comment read,” Move on already,”

Alexis sarcastically replied, “I was waiting for you to give me permission to do so 🥰 now that you have I’m finally set free. Many thanks.”

She shared a few more savage responses as well, before adding, “I could go on and on but I’m surrounded by so much love, that I refuse to let hate win.”

MAFS Season 15 is now streaming on Netflix

The MAFS star also explained the timing of her message in the caption of the Instagram post, noting that Season 15 is about to be the talk of the town again.

“In honor of #marriedatfirstsight season 15 being added to Netflix, I had to bring back this gentle reminder 🥰” said Alexis.

“I should’ve updated it with some of the DM’s I’ve gotten recently but you get the idea. What’s your favorite clapback?” she asked.

Meanwhile, her former castmate Miguel Santiago who was married to Lindy Elloway is also preparing for the same backlash he got while the show aired.

Miguel posted a funny photo on his Instagram Story, clad in a bear suit while hiding behind a tree.

Miguel Santiago Instagram Story
Miguel Santiago has fun with the MAFS trolls. Pic credit: @saintmigs/Instagram

“MAFS Season 15 finally hit Netflix. Can’t wait for all the hate,” wrote Miguel.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-15 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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