Leslie Fhima reclaims Costa Rica and ATV rides after Gerry Turner broke her heart on The Golden Bachelor

Leslie Fhima from The Golden Bachelor
Leslie Fhima is back in Costa Rica after Gerry Turner broke her heart there. Pic credit: @lesliefhima/Instagram

While Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are settling into married life, Leslie Fhima is back in Costa Rica.

It’s the spot where Leslie was dumped in the most surprising way during The Golden Bachelor finale.

After The Golden Wedding, Leslie even dished on her discomfort when Gerry brought up the Central American country during his vows, citing it as the spot where he fell in love with Theresa.

That was clearly a sore spot because, up until the Fantasy Suite dates, Gerry made it pretty clear that Leslie was “the one.”

Then, he did a quick one-eighty and gave his final rose to Theresa, seemingly after she shared how financially abundant she is.

None of this has stopped Leslie from returning to paradise to enjoy all Costa Rica has to offer as she moves past her romance with Gerry.

Leslie Fhima soaks up the Costa Rican sun and rides an ATV alone

Leslie Fhima is proving she doesn’t need a man to enjoy herself, and she’s doing it in sunny Costa Rica while the rest of us endure some seriously cold winter weather.

In a photo shared a few days ago, Leslie leaned back on a lounge chair while taking in some warm rays. Behind her is plenty of lush greenery and a view of the ocean.

In the caption, she wrote, “Relaxing before my 2024 Soul612 Costa Rica retreat starts tomorrow! Stay tuned!!”

The Golden Bachelor viewers will remember that Leslie and Gerry bonded on an ATV during their first one-on-one date during week four of the show.

It was during this date that Gerry and Leslie rode their own ATVs, and maybe it should have been a hint at how their relationship would end because Gerry kept speeding off, leaving her in the dust.

Their day ended when the pair pulled up to a hot tub in the middle of an open field. Gerry gave her a rose while they soaked in the tub together.

Leslie is riding an ATV by herself and seems perfectly fine with that. She captioned the snap, “Solo ATV=Pura Vida!Thank you @blackstallion_tamarindo For the great day!!”

Leslie recently shared that she hasn’t dated since The Golden Bachelor, and we can’t help but wonder if she’ll be cast as the lead when The Golden Bachelorette starts filming, possibly over the summer.

Leslie Fhima enjoyed Gerry and Theresa’s wedding despite ‘uncomfortable’ moment

Leslie’s Costa Rica trip comes on the heels of Gerry and Theresa’s Golden Wedding. The senior couple married on live television while much of Bachelor Nation watched.

The gorgeous ceremony and celebrations were viewed by more than five million people, who tuned in to see who would be there and how it would all go down.

We saw several The Golden Bachelor cast members in attendance, including Susan Noles, who officiated the ceremony.

Faith Martin, Leslie Fhima, and Kathy Swarts were also featured prominently during the pre-ceremony party.

Leslie was seen dancing and enjoying herself while dressed to the nines. She admitted afterward that she enjoyed the ceremony. Still, she said she was “a little uncomfortable” when Gerry brought up Costa Rica.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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