Leslie Fhima hasn’t dated since The Golden Bachelor, says she ‘won’t be so picky’

Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor
Leslie Fhima is dishing on dating and love after The Golden Bachelor, Pic credit: ABC/Ricky Middleswort

It’s been several months since The Golden Bachelor finished filming, and now, Leslie Fhima is giving an update on life after Gerry Turner.

The Minnesota native is a fan favorite and a frontrunner for the lead spot on The Golden Bachelorette.

The Golden Bachelor viewers were furious when Gerry made Leslie think she was “the one” only to dump her at the finale and propose to Theresa.

Many also felt Leslie “dodged a bullet” when Gerry dumped her in Costa Rica when a bombshell report about a previous relationship came out right before the finale.

Given that she is the runner-up and was made several promises that didn’t pan out, there’s a pretty good possibility that we’ll see her on our TV screens again.

If we do, Leslie learned some lessons while dating Gerry Turner, and she has a new outlook on dating, which she still hasn’t done since being dumped.

Leslie Fhima opens up about her love life after The Golden Bachelor

It seems that Leslie has learned a few things about what she wants out of life and out of a romantic partner after spending time dating Gerry on The Golden Bachelor.

“I haven’t dated at all since the show,” Leslie revealed to Entertainment Weekly at Gerry and Theresa’s wedding.

“I think I will be more open. I won’t be so picky,” she explained. “I used to always want the guy that would snowboard with me and go to rock concerts with me, everything — but now I don’t need everything. I just want the most important things.”

Leslie might be teasing a role on The Golden Bachelorette as well. When asked about whether or not she’s feeling the love from Bachelor Nation, she made it clear she was.

“I felt the support so much,” Leslie said. “Especially after the finale, people would message me about how they felt my pain, or they’d gone through the same thing, or they’d been divorced twice. I was shocked, because at first I thought that being divorced was a stigma, but there’s a lot of divorced women out there.”

Then, when asked about whether she was interested in being The Golden Bachelorette lead, Leslie responded, “Yeah, I would.”

Leslie Fhima said this part of The Golden Wedding made her ‘uncomfortable’

Leslie Fhima managed to emerge from The Golden Bachelor’s first season still single and smelling like roses.

She had her heart broken at the finale, and she made sure to call Gerry out for it when the show was live on finale night.

Leslie was even strong enough to show up and have a blast at The Golden Wedding, but it wasn’t all fun for the fitness instructor from Minnesota.

She dished on the Almost Famous podcast about the wedding just a couple of days after the event – and shared that she did feel a “little uncomfortable” when Gerry was talking about Costa Rica during the ceremony.

After all, she was there, and that’s where she had her heart broken when Gerry changed his mind and chose Theresa.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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