Leslie Fhima revealed which part of The Golden Bachelor wedding made her ‘uncomfortable’

Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor
Leslie Fhima attended The Golden Wedding. Pic credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Leslie Fhima was in attendance for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s wedding.

As she celebrated the big day, the Golden Bachelor runner-up looked like a goddess in a gorgeous, one-sleeved pewter gown.

Leslie looked radiant and danced like a pro with other Bachelor Nation guests.

It was quite a sight to see, especially considering she was still recovering from an emergency surgery.

That didn’t seem to stop the Minnesota native, who was clearly having a great time at the wedding of the year.

But it turns out that there was one moment that Leslie didn’t enjoy, and now she’s dishing on it.

Leslie Fhima got uncomfortable during Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s ceremony

After The Golden Wedding, Leslie Fhima sat down with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti to talk about what went down on Gerry and Theresa’s big day for an episode of the Almost Famous podcast.

While there, Leslie gushed about the lavish wedding but admitted that it wasn’t all fun for her.

“It was a little uncomfortable during the ceremony when they were talking about Costa Rica because I was there too,” Leslie told Ben and Ashley.

“It was probably the only time it was really uncomfortable for me,” she said. “And seeing Theresa so happy really, kind of, just took that away anyhow.”

It makes sense that the multiple Costa Rica mentions would make Leslie feel some kind of way because she was, indeed, there with Gerry and Theresa as they enjoyed the Fantasy Suites dates and then when she had her heart broken on The Golden Bachelor finale.

Leslie Fhima was shocked when Gerry Turner broke up with her on the finale

We all saw it on finale night, and Leslie Fhima talked about what went down in Costa Rica on The Golden Bachelor finale.

She left Fantasy Suites thinking she was getting a proposal because Gerry told her she was “the one.”

Leslie even had her proposal dress picked out and wrote her vows as she prepared for the big moment.

But Gerry had a change of heart when he got to his overnight date with Theresa, seemingly when she started animatedly talking about her job and how much she knows about money and the stock market — which had many The Golden Bachelor fans and even some of Theresa’s friends feeling worried for her.

While some viewers felt that Leslie dodged a bullet when Gerry picked Theresa, that didn’t make it hurt any less.

She previously said that Gerry made her promises about what would happen and talked about their future together before he came to her suite and sent her home.

Leslie even called Gerry out at the finale when she told him, “You made it sound like you chose me.”

Now, The Golden Bachelor viewers are hoping to get more of Leslie when The Golden Bachelorette lead is announced, but, so far, we still don’t know who it will be or when filming will start.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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