Lauryn Shannon’s husband threatened Alana Thompson’s boyfriend on Mama June: Road to Redemption

Mama June: Road to Redemption stars Lauryn Shannon and Josh Efird are now Alana Thompson's full-time guardians.
Lauryn Shannon and Josh Efird now have sole custody of Alana Thompson. Pic credit: WEtv

Since 2019, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and her husband, Josh Efird, have had been the sole providers and caretakers for Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

Viewers of Mama June: Road to Redemption have seen the decline in the relationship between Alana and her mother. After Mama June became overwhelmed in her drug addiction, Lauryn stepped in and brought Alana to live in her home.

Now that Lauryn and her husband have become Alana’s full-time guardians, they are doing their best to protect her and help her make the right decisions.

Josh confronts Alana’s boyfriend

A recent episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption showed Lauryn giving Alana a sweet 16 birthday party at her house. She kept the invitation list small but was sure to invite Alana’s boyfriend, Dralin.

When Dralin arrived, Josh took the opportunity to have a quick chat with him and lay down the expectations he has for dating Alana.

Josh tells him, “She does live in our house, so the only thing I ask for is respect, honesty, and to treat her really, really good because she hadn’t had the best mother in the world to treat her like she’s supposed to be treated.”

Dralin agreed to those conditions and didn’t give Josh any pushback. Josh ended the convo with a stern warning, telling Dralin, “If you don’t do all those things, man, I’m just going to break your neck, OK?”

In that moment, both Dralin and Alana appeared stunned by Josh’s comment and sat in silence. Josh reiterated to Dralin that he expected him to treat Alana well and be respectful of the rules they have set for her.

Mama June crashed Alana’s party

Dralin wasn’t the only surprise guest at Alana’s party. Her mom showed up completely unannounced, which was a shock to everyone.

At that point, Mama June had not spoken to Alana since they returned from L.A. after filming The Masked Singer. Mama June put Alana in a car by herself to be driven to Lauryn’s house while she left to meet with her new boyfriend, Justin.

This stunt upset not only Alana but also Lauryn and Josh, who have gotten fed up with Mama June’s antics. Her arrival at the party was not a pleasant surprise, and the family quickly started questioning her motives.

With the relationship with all her children being so rocky, Mama June continues to assert that she is doing her best to repair the damage. However, after losing custody of Alana, secretly getting married, and continuing to miss important moments in her kids’ lives, reconciliation may not happen as easily as she would like.

Mama June: Road to Redemption airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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Can they just stop with this crapfest…nobody cares,you keep given attention to people who don’t know how to deal with it…..