Lauren Sorrentino already preparing for second baby, hasn’t given birth to first child yet

Lauren Sorrentino during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Lauren Sorrentino plans to have more children as she awaits the arrival of her first baby Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren Sorrentino have had an exciting year.

They celebrated Mike’s milestone of five years of sobriety and one year that the two of them have worked at Banyan Treatment Center as recovery advocates.

Fans have been able to get to know Lauren on a deeper level as she officially joined the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation for their current season.

During an earlier episode, Lauren and Mike went to a fertility clinic to get more information about starting a family. Lauren opened up about suffering a pregnancy loss soon after Mike returned from prison.

Recently, Lauren and Mike announced the news that they were pregnant and expecting a baby boy this Spring. Their castmates and fans were happy for them and sent congratulatory messages on the post.

This will be their first child together, but it looks like Lauren is already planning for another.

Lauren wants more babies

In an interview with Us Weekly, Lauren opened up about wanting a second baby, even though she hadn’t delivered her first yet.

Mike talked about Lauren’s desire for more kids and even said they’d thought about a third.

Mike said, “It’s so funny. She’s like, ‘Honey, right after we have the first one, we’re going to have another one.’ I was like, ‘Honey, let’s calm down. One step at a time.’ But i think she’s onto something. We definitely would like around three children, I think.”

Lauren chimed in about wanting more kids and how she wasn’t exactly sure of the number just yet.

She said, “I think three, but I don’t know. That’s really aggressive. We both grew up in big families. He’s one of four, I’m one of four, but it’s a lot. So it’ll definitely be more than one, and everyone says, like, get the baby stage out of the way, so we might just keep going.”

Lauren has been sharing details of her pregnancy journey through social media.

Lauren joins the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast

Lauren has made appearances on Jersey Shore alongside Mike in the past, but never to the extent that she’s been involved during the current season.

Lauren joined the group as they quarantined together at a hotel in Las Vegas and did everything the rest of the cast did, including confessionals.

It was exciting for them to find out they were pregnant while filming the season and they were able to celebrate with the entire group.

Lauren said, “We were away filming the show that’s airing right now. And I was like, due right before we left. I’m like, I’m not going to test. I’m just going to go with a clear head and stay focused on work. I don’t want to obsess over testing or not. And then, like, days were going by and nothing was happening and I’m like, all right, it’s probably time to take a test now.”

She added, “It was really amazing that we found out there because we were able to capture the moment. I’m excited to see it!”

The midseason preview showed Lauren and Mike as they announced the news to the cast using the same towel that Deena Cortese used when she revealed her pregnancy to the roommates.

The pregnancy announcement has yet to air.

Fans can look forward to sharing in Lauren and Mike’s baby excitement as the current season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation continues.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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