Lauren Sivan upset after Kelly Dodd lashed out, claiming Rick Leventhal’s daughter hated her

Kelly Dodd during confessional interview on RHOC
Lauren Sivan is “crushed” over Kelly Dodd’s harsh social media posts Pic credit: Bravo
Kelly Dodd during confessional interview on RHOC
Lauren Sivan is “crushed” after Kelly Dodd’s harsh social media posts Pic credit: Bravo

Lauren Sivan, ex fiance of Rick Leventhal, is speaking out after Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd took aim at her husband’s former fiancee, claiming that Rick’s daughter hated her.

A friend of Lauren’s reportedly told the Daily Mail that she is “crushed” after Kelly took aim at her over an Instagram picture she posted with Rick’s daughter.

Lauren, who was engaged to Rick for six years before splitting in 2006, built a strong relationship with his daughters.  Following Rick’s marriage to Kelly earlier this month, Lauren posted a throwback picture of her and former stepdaughter, Veronica Leventhal.

The pair was riding a four-wheeler and the picture was captioned, “You may have a new stepmom but I’ll forever tell people I had you as a teen. Come back soon.”

The sentimental and seemingly harmless comment struck a nerve with Kelly as she commented, “That’s funny because [Veronica] told me and Rick she hated you as a teenager tore your face out of every picture…too bad you didn’t have your own.”

As if her harsh words weren’t enough to get her point across, Kelly added, “This chick is such a wannabe stage 5 clinger it’s embarrassing.  Rick has text messages telling her to stop glomming on to me and Kelly to gain more followers.  She is so desperate for attention she did the ‘me too’ movement. The girl needs to move on get her own marriage and kids.”

Kelly’s jabs make reference to Lauren being one of the many women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

A close friend of Lauren’s also told the Daily Mail that Lauren and Veronica are still close and see each other regularly. Both are surprised by Kelly’s angry response to the innocent photo.

Lauren Sivan posts sentimental caption on a picture with Rick Leventhal's daughter Veronica
Lauren Sivan posts sentimental caption on a picture with Rick Leventhal’s daughter Veronica Pic credit: @idiotsivan/Instagram

Lauren’s followers defend her

Kelly’s posts have since been deleted but the damage is done as Lauren’s followers were quick to react and show their support.

One commented, “Looking through your IG I get why Kelly is jealous, you’re beautiful, young and you did something right because your step children still love you.  I’m sorry you have to deal with sociopath Kelly.  And why is she stalking you? because she is jealous.”

Lauren responded, “Honestly no idea.”

Other followers shared similar sentiments, with one posting, “Jelly Kelly” and another adding, “Omg you are gorgeous! Kelly is jealous and besides that just an unhappy and broken person on the inside.”

Rick has yet to comment publicly on Kelly’s reaction but with the post disappearing so quickly, fans speculate he wasn’t happy with his new wife’s decision.  One follower wrote, “I’ll bet money that Kelly got in big trouble with Rick for that.”

Fans boycott RHOC because of Kelly

Kelly’s impulsivity and off the cuff comments have been known to get her into some hot water with fans.  Recently, several social media bloggers and fans decided to boycott RHOC because of Kelly’s poor choices and Bravo’s lack of accountability.

The boycott comes following Kelly wearing a “Drunk Wives Matter” hat, mocking the Black Lives Matter movement.  While Kelly claimed it was just a “joke” many feel it was insensitive.

She’s also come under fire for making controversial statements regarding the pandemic and CDC safety protocols.

Kelly, in one of her Instagram stories, told viewers that “no one was dying from the coronavirus in Orange County.” The Instagram story came weeks after Kelly also suggested that COVID-19 was God’s way of “thinning the herd.”

On the most recent episode of RHOC,  Kelly referred to castmate Shannon Beador’s 91-year-old father as “Big d*** daddy from Cincinnati.” The shocking statement is nothing new for RHOC fans, and from past history, there’s likely more to come as the season progresses.

Kelly has yet to publicly apologize to Lauren for her hurtful post.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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