Lauren Hollinger finally got her red velvet cake as sister Allison comments on The Bachelor ‘tantrum’

Lauren Hollinger on The Bachelor
Lauren is making jokes about her exit from The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Lauren Hollinger came to Season 28 of The Bachelor with her sister, Allison.

Having sisters competing for Joey Graziadei’s heart made waves in Bachelor Nation.

Many viewers were unimpressed with the new twist and said as much on social media.

Even Joey found the sister twist weird and didn’t want any drama when dating Lauren and Allison.

But now, he has nothing to worry about because Lauren left the show almost as quickly as she joined it.

Even though Lauren didn’t have drama with the other girls in the mansion, her exit was sloppy as she threw a bit of a fit and tossed a piece of cake that had been gifted to her before she headed home.

Lauren Hollinger made a cake joke

On The Bachelor, Lauren was upset that her cake wasn’t red velvet and tossed it on the ground.

Now, Lauren is at home watching her short stint on the show play out, and she’s having a bit of fun with it.

It seems she finally got some red velvet cake, too. The Bachelor short-timer took to Instagram to share her delicious dessert as she dug into a piece of the beautiful heart-shaped cake, telling her followers, “Had my cake and ate it too.”

Her sister Allison seemed amused by the post and commented on it twice despite crying on the show when she realized Lauren had gone home.

First, she wrote, “Temper tantrum over.”

The second comment from Lauren’s sister said, “Thank god, are you good now?”

Allison commented on Lauren’s cake post. Pic credit: @laurenhollinger_/Instagram

The Bachelor fans don’t love Jess or Maria

It’s probably a good thing Lauren went home before The Bachelor viewers turned on her. After all, they weren’t impressed with production for casting sisters on the show already.

Even though there was plenty of chatter about that awkward twist, The Bachelor viewers have been more vocal about two other women that they like even less – Jess and Maria.

Viewers took aim at Jess after Episode 2 when she opened up to Joey about a past relationship that was all bad. It was pretty clear that Bachelor Nation didn’t care, and social media erupted when Joey gave her a rose before the ceremony.

They were equally vocal about Maria, who was a part of the wedding group date and wowed Joey but nearly no one else when she briefly left to change into something “more comfortable” and came back in a strapless bikini top outfit that left little to the imagination.

We can’t wait to see what is coming up next after a sneak peek teased the ASKN crew from The Golden Bachelor and even more drama with Maria and Sydney.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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