Here’s why Lauren self-eliminated on Week 2 of The Bachelor

Lauren Hollinger on Season 28 of The Bachelor
Lauren wasn’t feeling The Bachelor and made her exit in Week 2. Pic credit: ABC

We’ve only made it through two episodes — so far — as we get to know Joey Graziadei and the women trying to wow him.

Season 28 started with 32 women, and Joey quickly cut that down to 22 after sending 10 home on the first night.

We only saw four people go home in the second week, but Lauren Hollinger was among them.

She joined the show with her sister Allison, with both of them hoping to catch Joey’s eye.

Then, in the second week, Lauren had a bit of a meltdown that seemingly started with the wedding group date.

Lauren got emotional while thinking about her late father.

The real reason Lauren decided to go home on The Bachelor

In The Bachelor spoilers shared before the season even started, it was reported that Lauren left the show because her sister Allison liked Joey more.

It turns out that was not the case.

Instead, we learned this week that Lauren was affected deeply by the wedding group date where she and seven other women wore wedding dresses and acted out what a reception after marrying Joey would be like – if he were to marry eight of them anyway.

While on the way to the venue, Lauren was in her feelings because she realized that she would be getting married without her dad present, as he had passed away just months earlier.

Then, during the wedding date, Lauren was distant and didn’t interact with Joey – something she was worried about because she just wasn’t feeling it.

So when Joey pulled her aside later that night to chat, Lauren opened up and told him that she was just in her feelings because she was still grieving her dad. And unsurprisingly, Joey leaned in, understood her pain, and offered his condolences.

But that wasn’t enough to comfort Lauren and keep her in the mansion.

So Lauren confronted Joey and told him, “I’m freaking out. So I’m gonna go home.”

But not before production gave Lauren one of the wedding cakes as a parting gift. And when she cut it and realized it wasn’t red velvet, Lauren threw the cake, reminiscent of a Bachelor in Paradise scene, before making her exit.

Lauren’s exit may sit well with The Bachelor viewers

Lauren exited The Bachelor earlier than viewers expected, but it may be a good thing based on the reason for having sisters on the show.

In the first week, when Lauren and Allison revealed their relationship, Joey was surprised and not too excited.

Viewers felt the same, calling out production for the gimmicky casting and talking about how weird it was to have sisters on the show.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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