LaToya on Real Housewives of Atlanta: Everything to know about the newest RHOA star

LaToya Ali films for RHOA with Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore.
LaToya Ali films for RHOA with Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore. Pic credit: Bravo

LaToya has been a household name before appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is a social media influencer with nearly 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is more commonly known by her fans as LaToya Forever.

The 33-year-old YouTuber was born in Canada and is of Trinidadian descent.

Her success on YouTube has brought her an impressive net worth of $7 million.

She started vlogging on YouTube because she felt lonely as her family traveled across America. When she launched LaToya Forever in 2009, her comedic skits took off and allowed her to pursue a career as an influencer full-time.

Once she became pregnant, she began to vlog about pregnancy and her life as a mom.

She launched another YouTube channel called LaToya’s Life, now titled Sam and Fam, which chronologies her daily life.

In 2016, she published a book about her YouTube blogging career titled LaToya’s Life: Uncut Mishaps of a YouTube Star.

Since joining RHOA, she relaunched her vlog series on LaToya Forever.

LaToya’s family

LaToya had been married to her husband Adam Ali for six years, but recently confirmed that she and her husband are filing for divorce.

She revealed her husband was the one who initiated it, but she was more than fine with it.

“I just don’t feel that love connection, that genuine love in my marriage. Yes, we’ve built amazing businesses together. I’m missing that connection, that genuine love, I’m missing that friendship from my partner,” she said in a YouTube video titled Separation.

LaToya and her husband have three children together named Samia, Zayn and Ayah. She explained that she felt the divorce was the best thing for her family.

“It’s not good for my family to see, she added. “You can see it, you can feel it. We have to work on what we’re going through in separate places. It’s a toxic environment. The kids can feel it.”

She revealed during her RHOA premiere that she has been dating around since she and her husband had separated.

LaToya on RHOA

Viewers first saw LaToya on RHOA when she met up with Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey.

Kenya revealed that even though she just met LaToya, she is taking a liking to her.

Kenya and LaToya have bonded over the fact that they are both separated from their husbands.

“I am a great judge of character, and I really feel like LaToya and I could be friends because she is just refreshing,” Kenya shared during a confessional interview. “So I’m just gonna take her from Kandi. Don’t be mad, Kandi.”

She jokingly pleaded to Kandi because Kandi was the one who introduced her to LaToya.

“I met LaToya a few years ago,” Kandi explained during a confessional interview.

While describing LaToya, Kandi simply said, “She can be a lot to take.”

Cynthia was initially leery about Kenya inviting LaToya over.

“You just met this girl and you already have her coming to your home Love my girl Kenya, but mama, you know, takes some getting warming up to,” Cynthia said during a confessional interview, referring to Kenya.

However, by the end of their get-together, Cynthia already invited LaToya to attend her wine tasting at Lake Bailey.

Looks like, aside from her altercation with Drew, LaToya is making a great first impression on the RHOA women.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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