Larissa Lima’s feet are bloody as she shows off sexy shoes — 90 Day Fiance fans wonder if it’s worth it

90 Day Fiance fans have questions about Larissa Lima's bloody toes in latest photo
Larissa Lima shows off bloody toes in latest photo. Pic credit: TLC

They often say pain is beauty, and 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima is taking that to heart in her latest photoshoot.

The brunette beauty might have taken the adage a bit too far, though, after sporting bloody feet while wearing a pair of uncomfortable heels. So uncomfortable, in fact, that they seem to have cut her toes.

Larissa recently posted the photo on her Instagram account, but it’s unclear why she didn’t edit out the blood on her toes since the image was from a professional shoot. Maybe no one on Larissa’s team noticed it, but her followers certainly did.

People are wondering why the TLC alum would put herself through that pain.

Larissa Lima shows bloody feet on social media

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? alum has people in a frenzy as they question her choice of shoes and what seems to be her high pain tolerance.

The brunette beauty has posted a scantily clad new photo on her Instagram page wearing a colorful, barely-there bikini decorated with chains.

However, this time around, it’s not her sexy attire that people are talking about. As a matter of fact, it’s her feet that have caught the attention of her followers on Instagram. While Larissa made sure to restrict the comments on her page, persons have taken their inquiry over to Reddit.

Reddit user u/analslapchop posted the screenshot of Larissa’s bleeding toes with the caption “Larissa’s toes are looking a bit sore in a recent upload. Ouch.”

90 Day Fiance fans have questions about Larissa Lima’s feet

After the photo of Larissa’s bleeding toes was posted on the platform it garnered some responses from users.

One person noted, “Girl, those shoes are too tight if they are cutting you. This is just painful to look at.” While someone else suggested that Larissa go up a shoe size in order to avoid another bloody accident.

Fans question Larissa Lima's bloody feet
Pic credit:@KawaiiLettuce/@ALyttleH /Reddit

“Lol i know. I was scrolling Instagram and thought WOW girl 3 of your toes are straight bloody, why post this!! It is part of a larger image on her page, but still,” wrote Redditor, analslapchop.

Fans question Larissa Lima's bloody feet
Pic credit:Camerabug4571/Reddit

Larissa also posted a video from the shoot which was done by a popular Las Vegas photographer.

It’s not clear if the photoshoot was just for her social media page or if the former 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star has something bigger in the pipeline. Either way, let’s hope she gets someone to edit out those bloody toes before more of her followers start to take notice.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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