Lala Kent calls out Tom Sandoval for taking Raquel Leviss to Ariana Madix anniversary restaurant

Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval
Lala Kent has called out Tom Sandoval for his post-reunion behavior. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency/AdMedia

Lala Kent has no desire to stop sharing her thoughts on Tom Sandoval’s actions.

The Vanderpump Rules star, who has been very vocal about Tom’s cheating scandal since news broke at the beginning of March, has more to discuss now that the Season 10 reunion has been filmed.

Taking to her Give Them Lala podcast this week, the reality star addressed the fact that after the cast filmed the reunion, Tom took fellow co-star Raquel Leviss to the same restaurant he took Ariana Madix to in January for their nine-year anniversary.

Ariana and Tom ended their long-term relationship weeks ago after she found out that Tom had been having a months-long affair with Raquel.

Lala went on to refer to Tom as a “one-trick pony” for taking Raquel to the same exact Hollywood restaurant, Musso and Frank.

Now that their cheating scandal has been exploited, Lala slammed Tom for not feeling the need to take Raquel to the “little places” anymore and continuing to use his “same patterns.”

Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent slams Tom Sandoval for his patterns with Raquel Leviss

“Now he’s been outed, [so] Raquel has been upgraded,” Lala joked.

“She’s no longer a mistress, she’s whatever she is or isn’t,” the Give Them Lala Beauty founder continued. “We’re taking her to Musso and Frank for a bottle of wine and some oysters.”

Lala also labeled Tom’s restaurant choice as “insanity” and the entire date as “calculated,” being that it was immediately following the taping of the reunion.

While Tom Sandoval may not be shy in showing off his relationship with Raquel anymore, he is also starting to open up about the affair now that a few weeks have gone by.

Tom Sandoval says he regrets cheating on Ariana Madix

While Tom has kept relatively quiet since the “Scandoval” broke, besides two public statements on Instagram, he recently was willing to talk in person about the affair that has rocked the world of reality.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Tom was caught outside Pop Music Studios in the San Fernando Valley on Monday, where he was willing to answer a few questions.

Tom said that fans would have to wait until the airing of the Season 10 reunion for most of their answers, however, in terms of his decision to cheat on his longtime girlfriend, he simply replied that “Hindsight’s always 20/20.”

He somewhat clarified what he meant, explaining that when he looks back on the situation, there were things that he knows he could’ve done differently.

Tom also admitted that he regrets cheating on Ariana, which is something that may be hard for fans to believe now that he’s been furthering his relationship with Raquel.

Season 10 will continue to be intense for Vanderpump Rules fans, as the reality network picked its cameras back up to document the fallout between Tom, Ariana, and Raquel in real-time earlier this month to be tacked onto the end of the season.

Between the emotional new footage and the revealing reunion, it’s a season that is sure to go down in the Bravo history books.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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