Kylie Jenner slammed for treatment of fan at Kylie Cosmetics launch

Kylie Jenner was criticized for her treatment of a fan at her Kylie Cosmetics event last night. Pic credit: @makeupbyariel/Instagram

Kylie Jenner celebrated a launch of a new product on her Kylie Cosmetics line, but her perceived treatment of a fan left some fans up in arms.

Kylie and the entire Kardashian-Jenner squad were on hand for an event last night. Kourtney Kardashian brought her man, Travis Barker, Travis’ son Landon, and Landon’s girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner posed for photos.

Kylie’s fan account on Instagram, @kyliesnapchat, documented the party all night, including the ladies socializing and taking photos.

Kylie rocked her hair in an elegant updo with a side bang framing her face. The Kylie Cosmetics founder rocked a caked face as she represented her brand well. She looked stunning in a skintight white mini dress with close-toed pumps. However, it was her behavior that garnered attention. One video in particular caused quite a stir in the comments section.

The video is certainly awkward, and there are many explanations in the comments about why Kylie looked uncomfortable.

However, the general consensus was that Kylie appeared uninterested and even disgusted.

Kylie Jenner takes pictures at the Kylie Cosmetics launch

The video started with Kylie looking straight ahead while a fan and celebrity reporter, Alexa May Rhodes, stepped up to her to take a picture. Kylie didn’t appear to look in Alexa’s eyes– she simply said, “Okay.”

Alexa put her arm around Kylie and looked at the camera while Kylie remained fixated on another camera, the one taking the video.

Once the photographers got the shot, Kylie stepped to the side, away from the girl, not making eye contact, but said “okay” once more.

Fans call Kylie Jenner out for treatment of fan

kylie comments
Pic credit: @kyliesnapchat/Instagram

One commenter wrote, “Kylie looks disgusted by this girl… wtf? Nothing wrong with the girl and I love Kylie but is she always like this?”

A fan stepped in to defend Kylie and wrote, “bro she’s been forced to take these pics all day, and she’s quite introverted, she’s said it millions of times. She might not want to be touched or be in public anymore. Overstimulation is a thing. Cut her some slack.”

kylie comments
Pic credit: @kyliesnapchat/Instagram

A commenter addressed Kylie’s lack of eye contact and wrote, “I know it must be overwhelming to please so much people but it is so easy to say ‘hello’ or look someone in the face.”

One fan wrote, “Kylie you seem unfriendly,” with another adding, “why does she look uncomf.”

Fans also compared her to Selena Gomez and Chris Brown who are both known as friendly with fans.

kylie comments 3
Pic credit: @kyliesnapchat/Instagram

A Selenator wrote, “Kylie should learn from Selena how to be humble and kind with fans.”

A Chris Brown fan commented, “Now that’s the exact opposite of Chris brown fan meeting ???? omg so awkward.”

What do you think about Kylie’s behavior?

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1 year ago

Don’t care….she looked high as a kite….