Kylie Jenner ‘secret’ plastic surgery rumors pop up as fans wonder about The Kardashians star

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Some Kardashians fans believed Kylie Jenner had a hidden cosmetic procedure leading to her appearing to be in pain during the series. Pic credit: ©

After a recent bit of video footage, many fans of The Kardashians speculated Kylie Jenner might have had unrevealed plastic surgery during the show’s filming for Season 3.

The 25-year-old founder of Kyle Cosmetics appeared in a scene with her half-sister, Kim Kardashian, and had a noticeable issue leading to concerned viewers.

In a clip from the moment on TikTok, The Kardashians star is shown after she walked into a makeup session with Kim. Jenner sat in a chair and wore a mask during the scene.

A narrator who spoke over the footage asked, “Did I miss something?” bringing up how Jenner is “walking funny” and seems to be in “lots of pain.”

“Did she just give birth here? Is that the timeline?” the narrator asked before the clip featuring Jenner ended.

It also led to comments about Jenner’s appearance and demeanor in the scene from The Kardashians Season 3.


Did I miss a whole parrt here? I’m so confused… #kardashians #kyliejenner #fyp

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During the video footage from the Season 2 episode, Kim revealed plans for her upcoming Dolce & Gabbana show. However, Jenner appeared uncomfortable, in pain, and visibly distracted from the discussion with her sister.

Commenters suggest Kylie Jenner’s condition was due to a procedure

With the recent clip’s upload, various comments arrived with speculation about why Kylie Jenner seemed to be in pain during the video footage.

“maybe more bbl ??” one individual asked, while another suggested “tummy tuck/lipo vibes.”

The original TikTok poster joked that they’d also get that procedure if they “had her $$$.”

fans comment about kylie jenner condition on tiktok clip
Pic credit: @absquinn/TikTok

Other commenters said “sciatica” or a “butt bone injury,” while one even suggested “Bbl removal” was the procedure that Jenner had done.

fans react to kylie jenner video with potential issue
Pic credit: @absquinn/TikTok

Here’s what may have caused Jenner’s pain in that scene

While Jenner never mentioned her situation during The Kardashians Season 3 scene, at least one fan commented on the TikTok video that they knew what it was about.

“She injured herself roller skating if I’m correct when they filmed the opening,” a TikTok commenter said.

That led to the original TikTok user who uploaded the clip to suggest, “We’ve all landed on our but bone wrong.”

fan comments about kylie jenner injury from kardashians
Pic credit: @absquinn/TikTok

As the commenter also said, Jenner revealed her injury when she appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The late-show host brought up how Jenner showed up on his show under difficult circumstances due to a recent injury, but it wasn’t anything involving her tailbone.

“I bruised my bone. I sprained my knee. We were roller skating yesterday,” Kylie shared during the appearance with her mom, Kris Jenner.

Jenner shared she was “learning a new trick” and had gained some confidence with it, but then she fell.

“I didn’t fall hard. It was the way that I fell. And my knee just went to the right, and it was a whole thing,” she said.

Jenner revealed she was bleeding from the injury and “rushed to get an MRI,” but nothing was revealed as torn.

Thankfully, Jenner said it was nothing too severe, and things heal with time. Jenner’s appearance with her mom on James Corden’s show occurred nine months ago, so her injury had plenty of time to heal.

The roller skating they mentioned arrived as the opening ahead of The Kardashians Season 3 premiere. Kris, Kylie, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian are shown as they roller skate or rollerblade in a fun scene set to Beyonce’s Cuff It.

Cosmetic procedures aren’t something the Jenners and Kardashians shy away from, and fans regularly bring it up. During the Season 3 premiere, viewers also speculated that Kris appeared to have had more plastic surgery, leading to an unrecognizable face for the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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