Kylie Jenner blasted for ‘cringe’ dancing to Billie Eilish

Kylie Jenner pursing her lips in a car.
Kylie Jenner’s homage to Billie Eilish’s song didn’t sit right with Instagram commenters. Pic Credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner is (shocker) being dragged online for trying to be a “normal” 20-something.

Kylie has a lot to juggle in her day-to-day life when she’s not juggling her four businesses – Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Khy, and her venture into the alcohol world, Sprinter Vodka Soda. Booked and busy is the name of the youngest Kar-Jenner sister’s game.

Not to mention her continuing to share her life on The Kardashians.

With a demanding career and the responsibility of raising two children, it’s a wonder how Kylie finds time for herself. But when she does, there’s often a chance she’s recording it.

Recently, Kylie took to Instagram to share a night out on the town with her friends. The content queen also used the outing to show off her videography skills, which included a song by Billie Eilish. 

Many of Kylie’s fans enjoyed the song and her creativity. Others thought she was unnecessarily putting herself in harm’s way. 

Kylie Jenner posted a video of her dancing in a car with friends to Billie Eilish’s song

Kylie shared an Instagram reel of herself in the backseat of a luxury vehicle. She was seen with her BFF, Stassi Karanikolaou, and her friend Carter Gregory.

The trio shared the camera time as they lip-synched to Billie’s song, Birds of a Feather.

Kylie started the video by slowly saying, “I want you to stay.” Then, the camera turned to Carter, who began smiling at the camera as he mouthed, “Till I’m in the grave.” Stassie finished the phrase, saying, “Till I rot away dead and buried.”

The friends continue to pretend they’re different versions of Billie. In one clip, Kylie puts her head outside the car window as she rocks a black crop top with jeans. The group then continues lip-synching the song as they walk around a neighborhood.


we should stick together @stassiebaby @Carter Gregory

♬ BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Billie Eilish

Instagram users felt Kylie’s video with her friends was ‘cringe’ and warned her to be careful

Kylie ended her video from her night out on a high note. The reel ended with her and Stassie looking at the camera as they sang the rest of Birds of a Feather’s chorus. The friends then held hands as they skipped and hugged one another until the video faded to black.

Kylie seemingly enjoyed getting a little loose with her pals. Her audience, however, wasn’t sure how to feel. Underneath her video, some of her followers admired how much fun she had and praised her editing skills.

Kylie Jenner Instagram post
Kylie and her friends rock out to Billie. Pic credit: @KylieJenner/Instagram

Kylie also had some negative and anxious comments woven between the positive ones. Some users felt Kylie was a bit “cringe” for her influencer-like video. Others were genuinely concerned for her safety. 

Kylie Instagram message
A fan weighed in. Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

“Have they never seen Hereditary?????” another user asked, referencing the 2018 horror film. “Stop sticking your heads out of the windows.”

Another Kylie Fan Weighed In
Another fan weighed in. Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Was Kylie’s video cringe? Or just a girl being a girl? The discourse will always continue.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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