Kyle Richards reveals where things stand with sister Kathy Hilton after tense scene in RHOBH Season 12 trailer

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards gives an update on her relationship with sister Kathy Hilton. Pic credit: Bravo

Kyle Richards is the only standing OG of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has been a main cast member for twelve years. Each season, we’ve witnessed the intense family dynamic between Kyle and her two sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton.

Kathy and Kim have had many ups and downs in their relationship, and now that Kathy is a friend of the show, their bond has gotten stronger, and the ladies have worked hard for that. But in the trailer for the new season, Kyle expresses that she feels Kathy hates her.

Now youngest sister Kyle is speaking out about how Season 12 has impacted the family dynamic.

Kyle said the audience will love the dynamics of the new season

Kyle was in New York on Monday for the NBCUniversal Upfronts, and she spoke about how she and her sister Kathy handled Season 12 of RHOBH.

“My sisters and I are good right now,” Kyle revealed to Us Weekly, adding Kim to the mix. “Obviously, we’ve had bumps in the road, but we’re blood. We always come back together.” There were rumblings of trouble among the sisters in March when both Kyle and Kim were absent from Kathy’s birthday party. Fans wondered if they were on the outs once more, but it was explained that both Kyle and Kim had prior commitments, and all was still well with the sisters.

Kyle also mentioned that most siblings do have both good and bad times over the years, but hers happens to be in the public eye, with millions of fans analyzing every move they make. “They don’t have the audience observing and analyzing how and why, what happened,” Kyle explained, noting that no matter what, “we’ll always come back together.”

She did promise that the new season will not disappoint viewers who are looking for high drama. “You’ve just seen one episode,” Kyle said. “It basically was like that the entire season from A to Z. So, it’s gonna be torture for the cast members to relive all of this, but it’s gonna be fun for the audience.”

Crystal commented on the sisters’ relationship

Crystal admitted that her friendship with Kyle really flourished this season, but when Kathy and Kyle started having challenges in their relationship, it left Crystal in a peculiar place.

“Friends getting between friends is one thing. But Kathy, Kyle, and everyone on the cast knows I am the biggest supporter of family,” Crystal said, also elaborating, “I feel like a good friend always encourages family to resolve anything. No matter how tense things got, I always encouraged Kathy and Kyle to resolve whatever was going on.”

Crystal said she understands because her brother is so important to her, and she considers him her best friend. “My brother and I fight harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, but we love each other harder than anybody too. Family has conflict. It’s just natural,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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