Kyle Richards’ daughter trolled after robbery loss of nearly a million dollars

Farrah Aldjufrie on Buying Beverly Hills
Kyle Richards’ eldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, was robbed. Pic credit: Netflix

Another robbery hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crew — only this time, it was Kyle Richards’ daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie.

The Buying Beverly Hills star and the eldest daughter of Richards lost nearly a million dollars worth of items.

It’s been a week since the robbery, and the LASD Major Crimes unit is looking into it. As of now, no one has been picked up for the crime.

According to TMZ, Farrah may not have been targeted because of who she is or her family. It’s believed a South American burglary crew hit her home because of the area and its known wealth.

Farrah lost several expensive items, but some sentimental items were taken from her residence. Jewelry passed down from Mauricio Umansky’s family came up missing, and essential milestone gifts were also boosted from her home.

However, some Housewives fans and critics aren’t sure the estimate is correct.

Farrah Aldjufrie trolled after the robbery

When the report about the near-million-dollar loss came out, Farrah Aldjufrie was trolled.

A bravo account on X shared the story, and the comments came flooding in.

One user on X joked the security Farrah had must have been set up by Teddi Mellencamp’s husband, Edwin.

Another wondered, “What ever will they do?” and used a gif from Friends.

Others questioned whether they took everything Farrah owned and whether the story was believable.

Comments about Farrah's robbery.
Pic credit: @nosmokenomore/X

Will Farrah Aldjufrie’s ordeal air on RHOBH or Buying Beverly Hills?

With Farrah Aldjufrie’s robbery happening in the off-season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it may miss the upcoming season. It could be talked about if Kyle Richards films with her daughter for the show, but who will return to the Bravo show remains unclear.

It’s more likely the robbery will be discussed in Season 3 of Buying Beverly Hills. Farrah is much more present on the Netflix show, as she often films with Mauricio Umansky and her sisters.

Kyle and her former BFF Dorit Kemsely are no strangers to being robbed. Dorit’s incident was a huge storyline for her, with the fallout and her PTSD from the event being filmed for RHOBH.

Farrah is likely picking up the pieces of what was left in her home while mourning the loss of the precious items she had stolen that were priceless because of the sentiment behind them and not their dollar value.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus. Buying Beverly Hills Season is streaming on Netflix.

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Cynthia S.
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I wish l was rich.