Mauricio Umansky ‘hurt’ as he admits ‘perhaps Kyle is no longer in love with me’

Buying Beverly Hills star Mauricio Umansky screenshot
Mauricio Umansky opens up about his marriage. Pic credit: Netflix

Kyle Richards didn’t want to talk about her marital woes on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but her estranged husband Mauricio Umansky took a different approach on his reality TV show.

He’s spilling all the tea on Season 2 of Buying Beverly Hills, regarding his troubled relationship with Kyle.

The series is shedding more light on how Mauricio felt about the demise of his 27-year marriage admitting he was “hurt” about what was going on.

In an emotional clip from Episode 3, the dad of four had an awkward conversation with Kyle opening up about the amount of time she’s been spending away from him.

Later on in his confessional, Mauricio reasoned that perhaps his wife was “no longer in love” with him.

The scene tells a much different story than what we saw on RHOBH which gave the impression that Mauricio wasn’t willing to do the work to fix their relationship.

However, the Netflix series gives more insight into Mauricio’s side of things.

Mauricio Umansky opens up about his troubled marriage to Kyle Richards on Buying Beverly Hills

Season 2 of Buying Beverly Hills premiered a few days ago, and it features several family scenes with Kyle, Mauricio, and their girls.

It also shows the issues that occurred in Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage and the efforts they made to address them before they decided to separate.

“We’ve gone to couples therapy now three times really with the intention of just trying to work on the marriage,” revealed Mauricio.

He continued, “Just trying to understand and communicate with each other so that I can understand a little bit more about what’s really bothering Kyle with me.”

At the time the couple had not yet had a conversation with their daughters about the issues in their marriage.

Meanwhile, in the clip, the distance between them was evident as Mauricio aired concern about their crazy schedules.

“We really need to figure out how to fix that,” said Mauricio to his wife, as she shrugged off the suggestion and revealed plans to head to Nashville to shoot a music video with Morgan Wade.

Mauricio thinks Kyle is no longer in love with him

During their conversation, the scene cuts to Maurico’s confessional where he suggests Kyle’s attitude towards him and their marriage means she has fallen out of love.

“You know I’m sitting here and I’m realizing that perhaps Kyle is no longer in love with me right? And doesn’t love me the way she used to love me,” reasoned the Buying Beverly Hills star.

“Yeah, I mean it just hurts, there’s no question it hurts,” he added.

Buying Beverly Hills is currently streaming on Netflix.

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