Mauricio Umanksy dishes filming Buying Beverly Hills after Kyle Richards split, calls rumors ‘annoying’

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards on Buying Beverly Hills Season 2
Mauricio opens up about Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 amid Kyle drama. Pic credit: Netflix

Mauricio Umansky has addressed filming Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 after his split from Kyle Richards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans saw Kyle struggling with her marriage during Season 13, leading to her and Mauricio separating as it ended.

This week, it’s Mauricio’s turn to share his side of the split story when Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 drops.

Ahead of the series being released, Mauricio has opened up about what it was like to film the aftermath of the split on his Netflix show.

For those wondering, it was nothing more than timing that Buying Beverly Hills features more of Kyle and Mauricio’s split than RHOBH.

Mauricio is no stranger to reality TV, but that doesn’t mean filming the demise of his marriage was easy for him or anyone else involved.

Mauricio Umansky dishes filming Buying Beverly Hills after Kyle Richards split, calls

During an interview with People magazine, Mauricio got candid about the challenges of filming while navigating his split from Kyle.

“There were definitely challenges. It was happening, it was real life. We had the cameras on,” he shared with the outlet.

Not addressing their issues wasn’t even an option for Kyle, Mauricio, and their family, who are heavily featured on Buying Beverly Hills. In fact, everyone involved felt it would make the show feel less authentic.

“I think that would’ve been awkward on television,” Mauricio expressed. “We are going through our issues after being married for 28, 29 years. We did it and we chose to put it on camera and it was great, and now the audience gets to see the way that we interacted with each other.”

Buying Beverly Hills viewers will see what a real couple goes through after being married for decades. Mauricio also stated the fans will witness how he and Kyle came to their split decision and what it’s been like to navigate the new normal for them.

Although Mauricio doesn’t mind putting his personal business out there on a reality television show, he does mind all the rumors surrounding him and Kyle.

Mauricio Umanksy calls rumors about him and RHOBH star Kyle Richards’ annoying’

In an interview to promote Buying Beverly Hills, Mauricio didn’t hold back calling out all the speculation about his personal life right now.

“Sometimes I feel like, awe, the public eye and just all the scrutiny, particularly right now going through the separation with Kyle, um speculations, scrutiny it all of that, it’s annoying,” Mauricio expressed to Extra.

However, that does come with reality TV life. Mauricio knows giving up privacy is a big sacrifice when it comes to putting your life on television.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kyle was blasted after the RHOBH reunion for not answering questions and hiding behind Kathy Hilton. Mauricio Umanksy doesn’t seem to have that problem as he seems happy to speak out about things as he promotes Buying Beverly Hills.

Season 2 features the fallout of his split from Kyle Richards from Mauricio and their daughters’ point of view. If the trailer is any indication the show’s going to be oh so good.

Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 premieres Friday, March 22 on Netflix. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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