Kyle Chrisley calls Nic Kerdiles a ‘good soul’ after untimely passing

Kyle and Todd Chrisley selfie
Kyle Chrisley addresses the death of Nic Kerdiles. Pic credit: @kyle.chrisley/Instagram

It’s been an intense weekend for the Chrisley family.

Savannah Chrisley’s ex-fiance, Nic Kerdiles, died after a motorcycle accident.

She and her brothers, including Kyle Chrisley, have all spoken out amid the news, remembering Nic and his part in their lives.

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While he was no longer dating Savannah, and she had moved on with Robert Shiver, it didn’t make the news any less devastating for the Chrisley crew.

Nic had been part of their lives, even filming with the family and proposing to Savannah while Chrisley Knows Best cameras were rolling.

It was a moment that lives on in the show and among viewers.

Kyle Chrisley shares post in memory of Nic Kerdiles

Taking to his Instagram page, Kyle Chrisley shared a heartfelt post about the tragic passing of Nic Kerdiles over the weekend.

He shared a photo of his dad, Todd Chrisley, and his brothers Chase and Grayson Chrisley, along with him and Nic.

Kyle wrote, “There are really no words. Nic was killed early this morning in a motorcycle accident. It’s devastating for our family and my heart aches for his.”

The former reality TV personality described Nic as a “good soul” and “hardworking.” He acknowledged that he wasn’t “just” Savannah’s ex but also a part of their family.

He concluded the post by sharing, “My daddy loved him, my nanny adored him and I know Savannah is beside herself. It’s just absolutely heartbreaking. Please pray for comfort for everyone that knew him and loved him.”

The Chrisleys remember Nic Kerdiles

Savannah Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, and Grayson Chrisley all shared their own post about the passing of Nic Kerdiles on their Instagram Stories.

He was once such a large part of their lives, with Grayson and Chloe Chrisley spending a lot of time with him and Savannah while they were together.

Nic was there for the family as Todd and Julie Chrisley faced their trial and subsequent sentencing, even visiting Todd when he was on home confinement while waiting to learn his fate.

There were some tough times, too. Todd and Savannah helped Nic when he was having suicidal thoughts and spoke to their followers about the incident.

Todd didn’t treat him any differently than he would have Kyle, Chase, or Grayson. The bond was special, and even though Savannah and Nic were no longer going to get married, he was still considered part of the family by everyone.

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