Kris Jenner was hurt by Kourtney Kardashian’s surprise pregnancy reveal

kris jenner face shot from the kardashians season 4 episode 10
Kris Jenner was hurt by Kourtney Kardashian’s surprise pregnancy announcement. Pic credit: Hulu

Kris Jenner was caught off guard by her daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, and how she surprised everyone by revealing that she was pregnant with her and Travis Barker’s first child.

Months ago, Kourtney revealed the news by holding up a memorable sign at a Blink-182 concert that said, “Travis, I’m pregnant!” just like a fan held up in the group’s famous music video.

While it was a fun and memorable way to announce the pregnancy, Kris first learned about the unique concert announcement on the news rather than from her daughter.

In The Kardashians Season 4, Episode 9, the family was overjoyed about Kourtney and Travis finally expecting their first child together.

Kourtney and Travis have since welcomed their son, Rocky Thirteen Barker, into the world.

However, that surprise pregnancy reveal “hurt” Kris, according to Kourtney’s sister, Khloe.

Kris was ‘hurt’ by Kourtney’s surprise pregnancy announcement

In The Kardashians Season 4 finale, many interesting tidbits and revelations came to light, including Kim Kardashian joking her family “scammed” their way to success.

Additionally, more details arrived about Kourtney’s pregnancy and how she revealed it to the rest of the world.

In the season finale, Khloe and Kris were shown meeting with a pregnant Kourtney in a tour bus ahead of a Blink-182 concert.

Once Kourtney had exited the bus, someone off camera asked Khloe and Kris what they thought of Kourtney’s reveal during the previous concert.

“She found out on the news, my mom, she was very happy,” Khloe said sarcastically.

“I woke up, opened my eyes, and right in front of me because we had left the TV on the night before, and I woke up really early in the morning to see Kourtney holding a sign, and I thought I was being Punk’d,” she joked.

Kris said she soon realized it wasn’t a prank – and it was ABC News showing Kourtney holding up the sign at the concert.

“I knew she was pregnant, but I just didn’t know she was going to announce it,” Kris said.

Khloe interjected that she’d told Kourtney, “Mom’s feelings are really hurt that you did this, and she was like, ‘I forgot.'”

“She forgot she had a family. That’s what pregnancy brain does,” Kris said, laughing a bit.

Kourtney defended how she chose to ‘tell the world’ about her pregnancy

Kourtney said in a confessional that she hadn’t thought to invite her family to the Los Angeles concert where she revealed her pregnancy to everyone else.

“I did tell Khloe about it, and she asked me to change it to San Diego,” she said, adding, “It’s not about you. It just truly was our way to tell the world, and it was about me and Travis, not anybody else.”

“It’s not about you. Everything becomes about everyone and the way they want to do it and all their complaints,” Kourtney said, adding, “And I’m like, ‘Ah, I see why I didn’t invite you to the other thing.'”

Later in the episode, Kourtney and Travis included Kris and the family in their gender reveal party. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim, and Kourtney were shown among the event’s guests – along with Kourtney’s kids.

During the event, Kylie and Kim guessed it would be a boy but admitted they wanted it to be a girl.

“I’m pretty sure she’s gonna have a girl. She looks like she’s carrying a girl,” Kris said in a confessional scene before footage showed that she and Khloe chose pink wristbands as their guesses.

However, Kris was surprised once again. After a drumroll from Travis with Kourtney sitting on his lap, it was revealed that they were expecting a son.

The Kardashians Season 5 is TBA on Hulu.

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