Kourtney Kardashian ‘wants to quit’ The Kardashians reality show, insider claims

kourtney kadashian during the kardashians season 4 premiere
Kourtney Kardashian may be ready to quit The Kardashians due to the drama. Pic credit: Hulu

Is Kourtney Kardashian preparing her exit from the popular reality TV show, The Kardashians?

Speculation has arrived that the eldest of the Kardashian sisters “wants to quit” the Hulu show after appearing in multiple seasons.

The latest rumors arrive via an insider claiming that Kourtney wants to leave once her first baby with Travis Barker is born.

That will be Kourtney’s fourth child, and she’ll have her husband and others to assist, but she may no longer want to be involved in the constant TV attention.

Based on the insider’s remarks, Kourtney is fed up with her sister, Kim, amid their ongoing feud.

That arguing may have led her to stop filming The Kardashians and focus on her family.

Insider claims Kourtney ‘wants to quit’ The Kardashians

Kourtney may be ready for an exit from The Kardashians due to all the drama and arguing that’s taken place with her sister Kim. That has been spotlighted during the reality TV show on Hulu and continues to generate headlines about the sisters.

“Kourtney’s tired of the drama and fighting with Kim,” an insider told OK! Magazine.

“She’s made her position clear: She wants to quit the show after the baby comes,” they said, adding, “Her heart’s not in it anymore.”

Their heated feud seemingly started due to Kourtney’s claims that Kim used her and Travis’ wedding to take a business opportunity. Kourtney had Dolce and Gabanna as the main brand for her wedding theme, and Kim collaborated with the designer.

Their feud has played out on-screen during The Kardashians Season 3. In an early episode during Season 4, the sisters agreed it was difficult to watch.

“We don’t know when the other one’s watching the edit. So she’ll start sending these scathing text messages for no reason,” Kim said in a side-by-side confessional with Kourtney during Season 4’s premiere episode.

“Sometimes I don’t feel understood,” Kourtney said, adding, “I think it gets played out in an unnatural way through the show with watching the edits and through the interviews.”

Kourtney could have her own reality TV show

Kourtney and her husband are no strangers to reality TV shows, with numerous shows over their lives.

Barker, a drummer for popular rock band Blink-182, was previously married to model and actress Shanna Moakler. The two were part of MTV’s Meet the Barkers in 2006, long before he appeared on any of the Kardashians’ shows.

Kourtney has been in Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E! and Hulu’s current show, The Kardashians. Additionally, she’s appeared in spinoffs based on the show, several of which focused on her and Kim together in Manhattan or Miami.

Those spinoffs occurred 10 years ago, with the more recent seasons featuring their heated feud. As mentioned, it could lead to her departure, along with her wanting to protect her husband’s privacy and image.

“She’s very protective of her relationship with Travis,” the OK Magazine insider said, adding, “She resents the expectation that they should have details of their life splashed on TV without consulting her first.”

The publication indicated Kourtney isn’t against having her own reality show with Travis, which would give her more control over storylines and edits. As of this report, there are no confirmed reports of another show in the works for the couple.

For now, it appears the main focus for Kourtney and Travis is the safe and healthy arrival of their first child, expected later this year.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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