Kim Kardashian worried that Kanye West’s antics will drive Pete Davidson away

Kim Kardashian at a Gucci show.
Kim Kardashian is allegedly concerned Kanye West may scare Pete Davidson away. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian is a legally single woman now, but some issues still need to be worked out.

It’s been over a year since she filed for divorce from Kanye West, yet they are still making headlines together. Kim moved on with Pete Davidson last fall after appearing on Saturday Night Live, which has caused quite a stir from Kanye.

The Kardashians star has kept quiet in the media, trying to keep things private, but that doesn’t mean Kim doesn’t have concerns about the future with Pete and how everything happening could affect their relationship.

Kim Kardashian allegedly ‘worried’ about Kanye West driving Pete Davidson away

Hollywood Life spoke exclusively to two sources who revealed what Kim Kardashian thinks as her life plays out publicly for everyone to see.

It appears that Kim may be more interested in Pete Davidson than she has let on. Things seemed pretty casual between the two, but based on what the course told the publication, it looks like more is going on.

The source said, “Kim is really falling for Pete in so many ways. She sees what a good heart he has, he makes her laugh, he supports her. Pete really is what Kim has been looking for in a man, but she has her concerns that maybe all of this drama with Kanye will push him away or even scare him off.”

A second source said, “She loves Pete and all that he has brought to her life and loves his carefree way about things, and she doesn’t want to lose it. She would just hate it if what Kanye has been doing or their distance and career obligations would ruin what they have.”

What has Kanye West done to have Kim Kardashian worried?

Despite having other relationships while Kim Kardashian has been seeing Pete Davidson, Kanye West still makes grand gestures to try and win his wife back. For Valentine’s Day, he sent her a truckload of roses with a message about his vision being “Krystal Klear.”

Most recently, Kanye released a music video where he appeared to bury a look-alike Pete. This wasn’t the first time Kanye has taken a swipe at Pete, though it may have been the most shocking.

Kanye West is currently linked to Chaney Jones, who is almost a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian.

It doesn’t seem like things are getting any easier for Kim Kardashian as she moves away from her marriage to Kanye West, but she keeps her head up as she moves forward.

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