Kim Kardashian asks Twitter for ideas to entertain quarantined KUWTK kids and the hate is real

Kim Kardashian asks Twitter to help entertain her quarantined KUWTK kids, and the hate has been real.
Kim Kardashian asks Twitter to help entertain her quarantined KUWTK kids, and the hate has been real. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kim Kardashian is asking her Twitter followers for suggestions to keep her Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) kids happily occupied during the quarantine resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

The mom of Psalm, Saint, Chicago, and North West made her request on social media just at the time that Season 18 of KUWTK debuted. And while Kanye West’s wife may have thought she would get positive feedback and kudos for being a devoted mom, that’s not exactly what happened.

In addition, Kardashian tweeted her suggestions for shows and movies to watch, and the hate has been real.

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Twitter uses Taylor Swift, Kanye West feud to shade Kim Kardashian for seeking help with her kids

Kim began her request for input by asking what others are doing to keep their kids “entertained.” Kardashian then shared that “as a family, we are social distancing.”

The 39-year-old KUWTK star shared a photo of herself with the kids as she explained that she needs “some fun ideas of what to do!” But although Kim emphasized that “any suggestions would help,” she probably didn’t anticipate the response that she received.

Much of the shade came from the long-lasting feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Kim got involved in the debate over whether Taylor knew ahead of time about that infamous mention in Kanye’s song. That debate has dragged on, with the feud accumulating fans on both sides.

In response to Kardashian’s request for help entertaining her kids, for example, Twitter user Benyoutsold posted, “Taylor legend swift ended your career…Wait you don’t [have] a career.”

Other responses involving Taylor Swift ranged from suggesting that Kim listen to Swift’s songs for entertainment to a recommendation that Kardashian “watch miss americana or reputation stadium tour to see the woman who ended your career without having to move a finger, you won’t regret,” said Twitter user Luuh.

Kim Kardashian gets hate for seeking help, including plastic surgery rumors

One Twitter follower was quick to respond to the request by throwing shade at Kim Kardashian for her rumored plastic surgery procedures.

“You’re supposed to keep your children away from plastic in quarantine, why are they near you?” mocked Twitter user Sheikh Jaroush.

While some fans responded to the slam, noting that there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, others were not so kind.

Twitter user Big Mouth Becky, for example, suggested that Kardashian entertain her kids by watching the #KimKardashianOverParty trend on Twitter.

Another user, Feminista Jones, sparked a debate by suggesting that Kardashian “give away 90 percent of your wealth to people in need.”

And Twitter user SD Thom offered up a variation on that suggestion, posting, “Hospitals need supplies…help them…where are ya’ll when we need you…People are dying and all you can tweet about what can we do in isolation…give me a break.”

Kim Kardashian suggests TV shows and movies for fans to watch in isolation, including KUWTK, gets more shade

Kardashian also turned to Twitter to ask her fans if they needed “self-quarantine” TV shows and movies to watch. Her list included Love is Blind, Tiger King, the new season of KUWTK, Something Borrowed and The Holiday.

Kim then made the mistake of asking her fans to let her know “if you love these as much as I do!!!” Oops.

With the hate came a flood of responses suggesting that Kim herself focus on watching Taylor Swift perform online, such as Twitter user Carlisle, who suggested that Kardashian “should watch Miss Americana on Netflix! It’s an amazing documentary about the irreplaceable Taylor Swift!”

As of the publication of this article, Kim had not responded to the question of whether she followed any of the suggestions to listen to or watch Taylor during her self-quarantine.

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