Kenneth and Brittany have Love Is Blind fans divided

Kenneth and Brittany from LIB.
Love Is Blind includes Kenneth and Brittany. Pic credit: Netflix

When Kenneth and Brittany started talking to each other in the pods on Love Is Blind, sparks instantly began flying.

They started falling for each other within a few chats – even though they didn’t know how the other looked.

The experimental side of Love Is Blind states that you must get engaged before seeing your partner’s face.

Kenneth and Brittany were all too excited to move forward with wedding plans based on their chemistry.

The first few episodes of Season 6 have proven that Kenneth and Brittany are a happy couple who vibe together incredibly well.

Still, social media users are divided about their love story.

Some fans love Kenneth and Brittany together

Redditors have collectively been sharing their opinions about Kenneth and Brittany‘s connection.

The person who started the thread wrote, “Why is no one talking about Ken and Brittany?!

“There are like.. barely no posts about them! I am only on episode 5, but I LOVE Ken, like LOVEEEE. He is so handsome and then his sweet, genuine, humble energy makes him even more handsome. I get it, they’re boring, but to me, that’s the couple that will make it,” wrote the Reddit user.

LIB fans open up about Kenneth and Brittany.
Redditors vent about Kenneth and Brittany. Pic credit: Reddit

Many social media users are discussing the drama surrounding Clay, AD, Matthew, Jessica, and Jimmy.

Since Kenneth and Brittany have such a laid-back connection, there isn’t an uproar about what they’ve got going on within the first batch of episodes.

Some fans don’t approve of Kenneth and Brittany together

Although many people find Kenneth and Brittany to be an endearing pair, some people aren’t impressed.

One Redditor wrote, “I like them, but there is definitely something off about them as a couple. They seem like they’re doing okay but there’s maybe a lack of chemistry or something, and I think she is way more into him than he is to her.”

Someone else mentioned he doesn’t understand when to shut off his authoritative teacher vibe.

Since Kenneth is a middle school teacher, viewers say they’ve noticed him speaking to Brittany in patriarchal or condescending tones a few times.

Ultimately, it’s between Kenneth and Brittany to uncover if they are meant to be for the long haul.

Viewers won’t learn whether or not they say “yes” to each other at the altar until the finale episode lands on Netflix.

Love Is Blind debuts new episodes Wednesday on Netflix.

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