Kenedi Anderson on American Idol: Who is the TikTok star who is one of the new contestants

Kenedi Anderson singing Cover of Love live
Kenedi Anderson singing Cover of Love live. Pic credit: @Kenedi Anderson/YouTube

American Idol returns tonight for its 20th season premiere and a new slate of aspiring young singers will be trying out.

There are some American Idol contestants this year that people might recognize.

These include some stars who previously competed on The Voice, including Mike Parker and Allegra Miles.

Another new contestant is a TikTok sensation who has parlayed her talent into a chance in the 20th season of American Idol.

Who is Kenedi Anderson on American Idol?

Kenedi Anderson is a young singer from Virginia who made her name originally on TikTok.

She is also one of the names to beat this season on American Idol, as she picked up one of the elusive Platinum Tickets from the audition rounds, which allow her to skip a day of competition in Hollywood week and also select her own duet partner.

Kenedi auditioned in Los Angeles.

Kenedi calls herself a singer-songwriter and she released her first original song in December 2020.

Where can you find Kenedi Anderson on Instagram?

She released a clip of her performing that new song on her Instagram account @kenedisingsforu.

She wrote, “Posted my first original song on YouTube!! Go check it out!”

However, that song is not available anymore on her YouTube page.

On Instagram, Kenedi has 1,190 followers, but only 34 posts, as she is much more prolific on TikTok.

However, just like on TikTok, Kenedi uses Instagram to sing her versions of cover songs for her fans. Many of them are simply reposts from TikTok, so even if you are not on TikTok, you can still hear her sing.

She covers songs from various artists and bands including Maroon 5.

Where can you find Kenedi Anderson on TikTok?

For fans who want to follow Kenedi on social media, TikTok is where she mostly shows up. Her account is @kenedianderson_.

She has 15,600 followers and her videos have over 334,000 likes.

She has several videos on TikTok with over 150,000 views.

One is a cover of Tori Kelly’s All in My Head and another is a cover of Olivia Newton John’s Hopelessly Devoted. 

Hearing her voice on these songs, as well as the countless covers she has performed on TikTok, proves that Kenedi might be the person to beat this season on American Idol.


Ok yes I know. Too many runs. They’re just so fun im addicted #fyp

♬ original sound – Kenedi Anderson

Kenedi Anderson joins a huge list of fellow hopefuls trying to win the 20th anniversary season of American Idol, with the audition episodes kicking off tonight.

American Idol Season 20 premieres on Sunday night, February 27, on ABC at 8/7c.

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mike wydeck
mike wydeck
2 years ago

kendi u r a great singer hope to see u on stage some day i wish u the best