Kendra Caldwell tries her hand at Instagram influencing with Citrus & Lemon post

Kendra Caldwell on Counting On.
Kendra Caldwell partners Citrus & Lemon. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell is due with a little girl in November. It will be baby number two for her and Joseph Duggar.

Earlier today, Kendra Caldwell shared a photo in partnership with Citrus & Lemon boutique. She was wearing one of their dresses while posing for a family photo.

This company appears to be popular among the Duggar women, with several of them sharing their looks on the social media platform.

Some Duggar fans are wondering if Kendra Caldwell is working on becoming an Instagram influencer like some of her sisters-in-law have attempted.

Currently, Jill Duggar is one who is pushing things a bit more than the others, but Kendra is the most recent family member taking a stab at getting noticed.

The Duggar couple has a lot to celebrate this year despite the tragedy their family has been through. From losing Grandma Mary Duggar to watching as two women suffered miscarriages less than a year apart, Kendra and Joseph Duggar are looking forward to expanding their family.

In fact, they just announced the gender of their second baby last week.

Now, Kendra Caldwell is working towards being present on social media and trying to follow in the footsteps of Joseph Duggar’s sisters.

Whether she will be successful remains to be seen, but she is definitely giving it a shot.

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