Kelsey Weier as the new Bachelorette: Women Tell All interview pushes this theory [Spoilers]

Kelsey could become the next Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Kelsey Weier made it to the final four on The Bachelor.

She may have had an emotional journey on The Bachelor, but she clearly didn’t get what she wanted with Peter.

However, there is a chance that ABC will pursue her as the next Bachelorette.

While Victoria Fuller is definitely out as the next Bachelorette because of her controversial history with allegedly breaking up marriages, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann would be the other top choices.

That is, of course, if ABC doesn’t find someone from the past for a second chance at love.

Kelsey Weier talked to Chris Harrison on the Women Tell All

Kelsey did appear on the Women Tell All a few days ago when it filmed and Reality Steve revealed that the edit made it seem like the hot-seat interview for The Bachelorette.

He reveals that Kelsey talked about her personal journey on the show and how she was an emotional wreck throughout filming.

Ashley even joined her on stage, giving her a bottle of champagne and praising her for being open with her emotions.

ABC could choose Kelsey to be the new Bachelorette with the angle that she’s in touch with her emotions.

Kelsey’s journey could be emotional

On The Bachelor, Kelsey was the one who battled her emotions throughout the show.

As we’ve previously reported, we guessed that Kelsey’s journey as The Bachelorette could be an emotional one.

Not only did she cry during her hometown date, but she also had a breakdown throughout filming because she realized that the idea of Peter dating the other women was super stressful.

Plus, she was the one who pushed Champagne Gate during the first couple of episodes. She brought a fancy bottle of champagne from home, a bottle she wanted to share with Peter.

She left it unattended for a while and Hannah Ann picked up the bottle, thinking that it was one that producers had left out for everyone to share.

When Kelsey heard the bottle pop, she felt that Hannah Ann was doing it to piss her off. She felt that Hannah was trying to sabotage her time with Peter, making champagne gate into a big deal even though it wasn’t.

Kelsey said that she thought Hannah was fake and that she would never trust her again.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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