Kelly Dodd bashes ex-husband,Michael Dodd in Instagram video,calling him a ‘non-existent deadbeat’

Kelly Dodd blasts ex-husband and brings Jolie into the mix.
Kelly Dodd calls ex-husband a deadbeat. Pic credit:Bravo

Kelly Dodd’s co-stars know exactly what it’s like to feel the wrath of the Real Housewives of Orange County alum.

And now her ex-husband, Michael Dodd, is finding this out the hard way, or maybe he’s just getting a reminder.

You may remember Michael, who was still married to Kelly when she first joined the show.

The couple shared a daughter Jolie but had a very tumultuous relationship.

After 11 years of trying to make the marriage work, the Dodds finally called it quits.

Both have since moved on with their lives, and the brunette beauty recently tied the knot with fiance Rick Leventhal in Napa.

However, it seems Kelly and her ex-husband are not amicable, based on the video we just saw of her bashing him on social media.

Kelly bashes her ex-husband on Instagram

In a now-deleted video, the RHOC star took her anger out on her ex-husband– blasting him for not spending time with their daughter Jolie for the past five months.

Not only did Kelly blast Michael, but she also dragged the 14-year-old into the mix, even turning the camera on her at one point.

The video was posted to Kelly’s Instagram stories, but she may have gotten tons of backlash because she later removed it from her IG page.

However, several media outlets caught the video before the 45-year-old was able to take it down.

In the clip, the RHOC alum turns her phone on Jolie  who is sitting in a room with her friend–who quickly shifts out of the camera’s view.

Her mom asks, “Jolie aren’t you glad you have a real dad like Rick Leventhal, instead of your father Michael?”

Jolie  can be seen laughing and covering her face as her mom continued, ” How long  haven’t [you] seen your dad?”

“Like five months,” responded the teenager.

Kelly continued, “Yeah Jolie’s dad is non-existent deadbeat Michael Dodd.”

Dodd gets backlash for cringy video

As you know, Dodd has a lot of haters.

And videos like this are just one of the many reasons why the reality TV personality gets so much backlash.

After the video started being shared by blogs and other websites, many viewers felt that Kelly’s actions were careless.

Not only did she speak negatively about Jolie’s dad in her presence, but she also made the bad decision of including her in the Michael bashing.

“Bet this makes Jolie feel even better!! Keep bashing him Kelly smh,” shared one Instagram user.

“I feel bad for her daughter. She is crazy,” expresses another.  While someone else added, “Just when you think she couldn’t get any worse.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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