Kelly Dodd sick after weekend wedding, tests negative for COVID-19

Kelly Dodd
Photo from Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal’s marriage in Napa, California. Pic credit: @kellyddodd/Instagram

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly (Dodd) Leventhal has tested negative for COVID-19.

The reality star became ill shortly after her nuptials to FOX News correspondent Rick Leventhal, 60.

Mr. and Mrs. Leventhal were married in a ceremony held on October 10 in Napa, California.

The 45-year-old newlywed reported on Instagram that her 14-year-old daughter, Jolie Dodd, herself, and her husband all had colds before leaving Napa following the wedding.

However, based on Kelly’s test results, it wasn’t due to contracting the coronavirus.

Following their special occasion, Kelly and Rick shared several social media images, including the one below.

Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd marry.
Pic credit: @rickleventhal/Instagram

Leventhal has previously made incendiary comments regarding the coronavirus. The outspoken reality star boasted about being out to eat back in May and posted the event on Instagram.  

“Yay, no one is wearing a mask. I love it. Yay! No one is wearing masks here in Orange County. Yup, because no one is dying here of the virus,” she said. Employees of the establishment can be seen wearing their masks.  

She went on to say that it was the government’s job to protect her rights, not her health, and that trading liberty for safety loses you both. A month later, she said that the coronavirus was God’s way of thinning the herd.  

Leventhal later apologized for the remarks after she received backlash. However, she later backtracked by saying that only 133 people died out of 3 million in Orange County. “People are going to die! I’m sorry to tell ya,” she said.  

Bravo star posted her COVID-19 test results online

Concerning her own COVID-19 test, RHOBH star posted her negative test results on Instagram on Wednesday, October 14. 

“Results are in …its negative. I wish I was hanging out with my fellow cast members. But I’m hanging out with my husband and daughter. Watching the season premiere,” she wrote in the IG caption.  

Kelly Dood posts COVID-19 results.
Pic credit: @kellyddodd/Instagram

The couple seems to be on the mend as they were seen walking their dogs in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 13. 

Kelly Leventhal wears ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ hat  

In addition to her controversial comments about coronavirus, Leventhal also apologized after posting a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a hat that said “Drunk Wives Matter.” The picture was taken at Leventhal’s bachelorette party.  

The newlywed was quickly called out for belittling the Black Lives Matter movement. After being told that the hat was insensitive, the Bravo star replied, “it’s not. my girlfriend bought it for me as a gift. it’s a play on words. Some people aren’t that smart.” She later posted an apology on Instagram.  

The reality TV star again disrespected the Black Lives Matter movement when she called the hat a joke in a since-deleted Instagram video by saying, “all lives matter.” “You know what, all lives matter. People that can’t get a joke, go f***yourselves,” Dodd wrote. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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