Kelley Flanagan showcases her drastic new look

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan shows off her new look. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Kelley Flanagan has made some changes since being on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

She started by giving Peter another chance, and during the pandemic, they were quarantined together. While it seemed the duo might make it, their relationship ended after about eight months.

Then Kelley made the huge transition from her 20s to her 30s as she turned 30-years-old in February and had a party with her family and close friends.

Now, Kelley has made another change and recently documented it on her Instagram page with a post and two photos.

What was the new look that Kelley Flanagan portrayed on her Instagram page?

As Bachelor Nation fans have noticed Kelley’s weight loss since being on the show, she has now wowed viewers with a drastic hair makeover.

Kelley not only cut bangs, but she also put some highlights and lowlights in her hair, as she showcased it on social media. She captioned her post by saying, “I went with a last minute audible #newhair.”

What did fans and alums have to say about the new hair?

Bachelor Nation fans and alums took to Instagram to show Kelley some love and compliment her new hairstyle as well.

The very first to pipe up was one of Kelley’s best friends, who was also on Peter Weber’s season with her, Victoria Fuller. Victoria wrote, “stunning (red heart emoji).” Victoria and Kelley make it a point to hang out together and have really continued their friendship since the show.

Another viewer stated, “Cut it off. Cut him off. (scissors emojis).” While Kelley didn’t respond to that, she did respond to another who tagged the previous comment. The next person wrote, “@cmako44 it looks SO good!! Like Rocker vibes.”

Kelley came back with, also tagging the first person, “@cmako44 i struggle with this (smiley face),” speaking about his opinion that she should cut her hair … and swear off/cut off a certain guy.

Yet another fan exclaimed, “UNREAL (three fire flame emojis).”

Kelley Flanagan gets feedback from Victoria Fuller and other fans on her new hair.
Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Rachael Kirkconnell, the winner of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, and still current girlfriend of his, declared, “I love it!!!! Omg.”

Others added in their thoughts with fire flame emojis and more exclamations like, “Hawttttt,” “FIRE,” “I LOVE IT!!” and Wow.”

Rachael Kirkconnell and more fans compliment Kelley's hair.
Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Two other fans commented specifically on the bangs that Kelley cut, and where one fan claimed, “Doubted this at first, but (shocked emoji and heart-faced emoji),” another emphatically stated, “Bangs are a YES.”

Fans talk about Kelley's new bangs she had cut.
Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

It seems like Kelley has impressed her fans and fellow Bachelor Nation alums with her new look. Who knows … Maybe this will start a trend?!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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