Kelley Flanagan reacts to post that mocks Barbara’s joy over her son’s new sex life

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan comments on a social media post involving her. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Kelley Flanagan is no longer on the market. Peter Weber made sure the world knew that they are an item on his Instagram this weekend.

The news spread like wildfire, and fans are thrilled that Peter finally found the woman he had been searching for.

Kelley, who was sent home right before hometown dates, wasn’t given a chance to tell her story on the Women Tell All, as she wasn’t invited.

While she had a spot during the After The Final Rose finale in the audience, she didn’t contribute anything.

Instead, she saw how Peter told his parents and fans that he was done with Hannah Ann and wanted to pursue Madison Prewett.

But now, she’s with Peter, and she couldn’t be happier.

Kelley Flanagan comments on a post about Barbara’s social media activity

When the news broke this weekend, Peter’s parents — Barbara and Peter Weber Sr. — were very vocal about how much they loved the idea of Peter and Kelley together.

In fact, they both shared social posts and commented on other people’s posts, just to spread the word that Peter was spoken for.

One social media account called @datecardpod on Instagram shared a photo of a man playing the trumpet while following a woman.

The man was compared to Peter’s family with the caption that they wanted everyone to know that he was sleeping with Kelley. The woman was compared to Bachelor fans who all just want to move on.

Kelley sex life
Kelley comments on a social post about her sex life. Pic credit: @datecardpod/Instagram

When Kelley saw the caption about Peter’s parents wanting everyone to know that Peter and Kelley are sleeping together, she couldn’t help but comment.

“I shouldn’t be laughing Bc this is about me but I did,” she wrote with a crying laughing emoji.

It was this weekend that Peter and Kelley announced their relationship, making it Instagram official. Peter wrote that they were starting their journey together.

For weeks, fans have guessed that Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber were dating

For weeks, fans have speculated that they were dating.

Not only were they quarantining together, but Peter also shared TikTok videos of Kelley criticizing him for not picking her throughout the show.

Then, Peter’s parents started to share heart emojis on her Instagram photos, sparking rumors that they were indeed more than just friends. Then, a source went public, saying that they were fully dating.

That source ended up speaking the truth.

Now, fans are wondering whether this is just a fling or whether this is the real deal.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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