Kelley Flanagan is reportedly seeing a new side of Peter Weber from before The Bachelor

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan is glad to have the old Peter Weber back. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Kelley Flanagan is currently in quarantine with Peter Weber at her apartment in Chicago.

The attorney is staying inside with Peter and his best friend, Dustin Kendrick, a former Bachelorette contestant.

The three are staying in her three-bedroom apartment with their pets, waiting for the stay-at-home orders to be lifted.

Throughout this quarantine, Peter has done a few interviews, and Dustin has spoken out as well about their relationship, but Kelley hasn’t done an exclusive interview about anything.

Instead, sources have been speaking out on her behalf, and one source claims she’s enjoying Peter these days.

Kelley Flanagan is enjoying the old Peter Weber pre-Bachelor days

Flanagan is enjoying Peter now because he reminds her of the old Peter, from before The Bachelor drama that followed him the last couple of weeks.

“The girls from Peter’s season are seeing a completely different side of Peter now from who they knew on the show,” a source has revealed about the situation to US Weekly.

“He’s much more laid-back, relaxed, and chill. On the show, he was guarded and seemed to be putting on a front.”

Of course, Peter doesn’t have the pressure from his parents to pick a certain girl, and he doesn’t have the world watching and judging his decisions every Monday night.

He also doesn’t have to explain to the girl that he proposed to that he loves someone else. Now, he’s single and can do his own thing.

And that’s one thing Kelley is enjoying about him.

“During the show, Kelley noticed Peter was different from what she had remembered when they first met in real life,” the source continued. “Now he’s back to the person she first knew and that’s why she is hanging out with him again.”

Kelley Flanagan and Peter met briefly before filming

As fans may recall, Kelley and Peter met in a hotel lobby before the show started filming. At the time, Peter had been announced as the new Bachelor, and Kelley knew she was going on the show.

The two claim that the meeting was innocent and that they just goofed around in a hotel lobby.

Now, they are spending time in quarantine together, and fans are hoping that this is the time they need to rekindle whatever they had before Peter proposed to Hannah Ann and then later pursued Madison Prewett.

They have yet to confirm that they are dating.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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