Kay Taylor talks time in Love Island USA Casa Amor and Cinco love triangle

Love Island USA Casa Amor girls
Love Island USA Casa Amor girls. Pic credit: CBS

This year’s Love Island USA Casa Amor was a massive disappointment, with only one guy and two girls returning to the villa and no major surprises or changes.

It kept the status quo, including bringing back Cinco Holland into the love triangle he left for Casa Amor.

One of the new girls who went home, Kay Taylor, talked about her connection with Cinco in Casa Amor and what she felt about his ongoing love triangle in the villa.

Kay Taylor talks about time in Casa Amor

When Kay Taylor left Love Island USA, she went to Twitter and responded to fans’ comments about her time there.

Kay responded to a fan who felt she didn’t get enough screentime during the Casa Amor episodes, and sadly said it was probably because “I wasn’t interesting enough.”

Kay Taylor interesting Love Island USA
Pic credit: @itskaytaylor/Twitter

Kay also said she was not happy since she went into Casa Amor ready to try to make a move on Wes Ogsbury or Javonny Vega, and both were eliminated two days before Casa Amor started.

Kay wanted Javonny and Wes
Pic credit: @itskaytaylor/Twitter

Kay also mentioned that she connected with Will Moncado like a “brother.”

Kay also said that she tried to have real conversations “about things I’m genuinely interested in” because “I thought that’s what real connections were built off” but that wasn’t enough for fans or the other Islanders.

Kay talks connecting with Cinco and the love triangle

Kay Taylor immediately saw people remarking about her trying to connect with Cinco Holland in Casa Amor.

This put her in a tough spot because both Trina Njoroge and Cashay Proudfoot have plenty of fans as OGs from Love Island USA and any newcomer would become a villain in their eyes.

When Kay told Cinco that she wanted to be a “top priority” in any man’s life that she was involved with, some fans said she should never have expected Cinco to make her number one over Trina and Cashay.

Kay admitted she never intended him to do so, but refuses to lower her standards if he wouldn’t.

“I just wanna say that what I actually said to him was more along the lines of like when I’m in a relationship or dating someone I want to be a top priority I was not telling that man I wanna be his top priority lmfao,” Kay wrote.

Kay Taylor tweet on Cinco
Pic credit: @itskaytaylor/Twitter

Kay was lucky that Cinco didn’t show interest. As soon as he got back, he dumped Trina and decided he wanted to steal Cashay from Charlie Lynch, so his drama is all over the place right now.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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