Katy Perry’s American Idol finale look receives mixed reviews from fans

Katy Perry smiling
Katy Perry’s American Idol finale outfit is sparking a divide between fans. Pic credit: © Wong/AdMedia

As a celebrity and host of American Idol, Katy Perry receives a lot of backlash at times but a lot of praise as well.

Such was the case with her outfit for American Idol’s Season 21 finale.

The California Girls singer chose a unique designer piece for the event: a Giuseppe Di Morabito set with a sheer crop top and a matching mesh maxi skirt.

The fabric included some shimmering embellishments and roses; overall, the burnt orange look seemed to fit the star.

However, the look wasn’t loved by everyone, who felt this wasn’t the best dress she could have worn for the finale.

Not all that glitters is gold; it looks like Katy’s fans and critics are more than willing to let her know that.

Katy Perry’s American Idol finale look sparks backlash

As expected with any fashion risk, not everyone was a fan of Katy’s outfit, and they took to Twitter to let their opinions be known.

One user took a snapshot of the show and asked, “Is she at a swim meet?” with a rolling-eyes emoji.

Another user simply wrote that the dress “is not flattering on Katy” and added a GIF to express their feelings as well.

However, the criticisms weren’t the main highlight of her outfit (or the finale). Many people loved the look, including her hunk partner, Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry’s husband Orlando Bloom loves the look

As far as Katy’s significant other Orlando Bloom, he seemed to love the look she wore for the finale.

Rather than using direct words, Orlando took to her comments on Instagram to share two emojis: one being the peach emoji, and the other being a fire emoji.

Many liked his top comments, and the fire indicates that he believes that she’s hot in her outfit.

Orlando Bloom's two emoji comments
Pic credit: @katyperry/Instagram

He wasn’t the only viewer who found the look to be incredible, either, as several people commented their love for the outfit.

A few fans simply commented heart emojis while another referred to Katy as a “queen.”

Katy Perry's post comments
Pic credit: @katyperry/Instagram

Though the dress received mixed reviews, it seems that maybe the most important opinion (other than Katy’s herself) is Orlando Bloom’s positive reaction.

Katy Perry’s American Idol finale look: Love it or hate it?

We loved Katy’s finale look. The color complemented her well, and she looked phenomenal in the two-piece outfit!

However, it’s clear that we aren’t the only opinion going around.

Sound off in the comments to let us know how you feel about Katy’s American Idol finale look.

American Idol is currently on hiatus.

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Marie Schell
Marie Schell
10 months ago

;loved the color, liked the outfit, but a bit revealing on the top as she was clearly covering her chest all night to cover up.