Katy Perry goes into selfie mode during American Idol promotions

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Katy Perry promoted American Idol. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Katy Perry took a break from designing clothing and judging competition shows to appreciate an outfit as she snapped selfies on her phone.

The songstress has been working hard promoting Katy Perry Collections and her new beverage line, De Soi.

In addition, Katy’s schedule has been nonstop with American Idol.

The mother of one shared a select few photos from a recent trip to New York, where she and her co-workers promoted the latest season of the singing competition.

The American Idol judge delighted her 197 million Instagram followers with the content, revealing more information in a caption accompanying the post.

The three-part post featured seasonally appropriate fashion from Katy as the cold weather gradually left New York.

Katy Perry shares a fit check moment from New York

For her latest share, Katy looked chic yet sultry in head-to-toe white as she posed in front of a mirror.

The chic part of the ensemble came from the fluffy shrug with textured material draped over Katy’s outfit. Meanwhile, Katy had sultry vibes, with a halter top and plunging neckline. The singer paired the top with high-waisted dress pants.

Katy’s caption read, “found these in my photo album from nyc #idol press and thought it was appropriate to share cause I’m feeling PRESSED whittling down our final contestants ?.”

The press tour Katy referred to in her caption was a source of fascinating information for fans. 

While doing a promo for American Idol, Katy announced her sobriety from alcohol, marking her five weeks without the substance. 

With Orlando Bloom’s support, Katy enjoyed an alcohol-free evening, but luckily, she had another drink to stimulate her senses.

Katy Perry releases nonalcoholic beverage line De Soi

Before going alcohol-free a second time in 2023, Katy celebrated a Dry January. During Dry January, people abstain from alcohol as a way to bring in the New Year with clarity. This year’s Dry January coincided with her beverage launch.

As Katy revealed, she and Morgan McLachlan created and developed De Soi, an alcoholic beverage alternative.

Katy spoke with Women’s Health magazine about De Soi and why the product was important to her.

The singer explained, “Maintaining health and wellness, mind, body, and spirit — that’s my ethos.”

Katy revealed that she launched a product that is near and dear to her heart. She continued, “My whole purpose in life is to empower, whether that’s through my songs or my choices of businesses.” 

De Soi has multiple flavors, with beverages that have nootropic ingredients, like L-theanine. Fans can purchase De Soi on the website or the convenient Go Puff snack delivery app.

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