Katy Perry accused of being a ‘bully’ by American Idol star We Ani’s father

Katy Perry
Katy Perry is facing backlash for being a “bully” on American Idol. Pic credit: ©

Katy Perry may have kissed a girl, but some recent backlash seems to think it’s possible that she dissed a girl, too.

Powerful Top 10 singer, We Ani, won hearts over with her incredible singing power and the difference between her singing voice and her speaking voice, but her father isn’t so sure that she was treated fairly.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, We’s father, Mac McDonald, expressed his feelings toward the Idol judge.

He noted how his daughter had idolized Katy for years and had been so excited to meet her, only for Katy’s comments to bring We down. However, he did not specify which of Katy’s comments were upsetting.

Mac’s Instagram post began, “Several years ago, an impressionable teenager was in Chaplin Studios to record an Apple recording for her tenure on the Voice as the youngest minor finalist that year.”

“She still had stars in her eyes as she became exhilarated by living a dream with her proximity to people she had only fantasized about,” he continued, explaining how We told him it was Katy Perry they were right next to and how that opportunity meant so much to We.

He continued further, “As fate would have it that impressionable teenager met her as a young adult on the American Idol stage. … Wé Ani stood in front of someone who she had once idolized devastated her with an undeserved snarky response as a redirect to critiquing her show performance.”

“It was a dagger in the heart given by a respected star with concern regarding any of Katy’s subsequence responses regarding her American Idol performances.”

He concluded, “The star designation descended to a regular bully that attacked Wé Ani as a child. No acknowledgment or apology, just a collar pop and a shoulder brush. Remember this, lesson learned. See you at the Grammys.”

Mac’s since-deleted post was a bit mysterious since he didn’t say exactly which comments Katy made toward his daughter that were so negative, but this isn’t the first time Katy has received backlash regarding her behavior toward We Ani.

Fans critique Katy Perry’s reaction to We Ani making it to the Top 12

Last month, fans were quick to rip into Katy for her treatment of We. This time, it was largely for saying nothing at all.

We was close to being eliminated, but We was picked as the last person to join the Top 12.

Katy’s face looked shocked, much to the dismay of fans, and she offered the singer no feedback after her performance.

Rather than commenting on We’s performance at all, Katy simply said she was “shook” over the voting results and told viewers to keep voting for their “faves.”

Fans were convinced that Katy was treating We unfairly and that she was incredibly rude with her statement about being “shook” and the fact that she didn’t provide any feedback. Plus, her face really said enough.

The interaction led many to believe that she didn’t think that Katy wanted We on the stage, though the judges have not publicly commented on this event.

Regardless of Katy’s feelings about We Ani, the talented singer is still continuing to launch her career.

We Ani continues to make music despite Katy Perry backlash

Although she hasn’t won The Voice or American Idol, We has been releasing music on Spotify since 2019.

She has released a lot of new music this year, including songs 175 Lbs and Won’t Take Me Alive featuring PJAE and her first EP.

She currently has over 221,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and securing a spot at famed awards shows may definitely be in her future.

American Idol is currently on hiatus.

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