Katie Maloney believes ex-husband Tom Schwartz was ‘duped’ into hiding Tom Sandoval’s affair

Katie Maloney and tom schwartz
Katie Maloney reveals what she knows about Tom Schwartz’s knowledge of his best friend’s affair. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

There are still questions left on the minds of Vanderpump Rules fans, with a major one being, how long has Tom Schwartz known about the affair?

Monsters and Critics previously reported the news of the cheating scandal between Tom Sandoval and costar Raquel Leviss two weeks ago, shortly after Ariana Madix found an inappropriate video of Raquel on her boyfriend’s phone.

While every other cast member of Vanderpump Rules was vocal about the devastating revelation, Sandoval’s co-pilot, Tom Schwartz, was particularly quiet.

After being approached in an airport, Schwartz finally revealed his thoughts, saying Sandoval feels like “a piece of s**t” and labeling “the whole thing as really sad.”

Schwartz’s ex-wife and fellow OG cast member Katie Maloney appeared on Wednesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, where she said that she believes Schwartz was “duped” into covering for his best friend and business partner, Sandoval.

The two currently own bar/lounge Schwartz & Sandy’s together and are also part-owners of Lisa Vanderpump’s L.A. restaurant, TomTom.

Since the two Toms have been such close friends for over a decade and have multiple business endeavors together, it seems likely that Schwartz would have been the one to know about the affair while it was hidden from everybody else.

Katie Maloney gives her standpoint on Tom Schwartz’s knowledge of the affair

Katie continued to say that she believes Schwartz was deceived by both Sandoval and Leviss, claiming Schwartz may have been a pawn in their secretive affair the entire time.

Season 10, currently airing on Bravo, showed Leviss’ attempt to make out with Schwartz during an early episode. She seemed to have an interest in sweeping up the newly-single star, which of course, now seems suspicious.

Since Leviss and Sandoval seemed to have started the affair back in the summer, the timeline may suggest that Leviss’ interest in Schwartz truly was just a coverup for what was going on with Sandoval.

Katie admitted that she asked Schwartz when he found out about Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship, and he didn’t give her an answer.

She also said that Schwartz texted Sandoval to ask if he could answer Katie’s question for him — possibly inferring that Schwartz wasn’t sure exactly what he could reveal just yet.

Would Katie be okay with Schwartz covering for Tom Sandoval?

While fans have seen the boys of Vanderpump Rules cover each other’s cheating scandals over the past ten years, especially in the earlier seasons, this situation is different — especially because Raquel is a costar and good friend of Ariana Madix’s.

After Katie was asked if she would be “okay” with Schwartz covering for Sandoval throughout the past seven months, Katie joked that she would “light him on fire” if that were true.

As of now, it’s still unknown when exactly Schwartz found out about the affair, so fans can expect the topic to be fully dissected during the upcoming Season 10 reunion.

Tom Schwartz gives his thoughts on ‘Scandoval’

After Schwartz was flagged down inside LAX airport to give his thoughts, Schwartz said that Sandoval is doing “okay” and currently has a “sense of profound sadness, rightfully so.”

He said he was mostly concerned with how Madix was doing but added that she has a strong support system of friends and family.

Schwartz also wouldn’t admit to whether or not he knew about the affair over the past seven months, promising fans they would “see it play out on the show.”

In true “Tom Schwartz” fashion, he said he simply hopes the “whole thing blows over.”

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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